Spy Video: 2016 Kia Niro Hybrid SUV


Today we spotted the new 2016 Kia Niro again in a spy video, the dedicated hybrid crossover from Kia, during testing around the Hyundai/Kia test center close to the Nürburgring.

At this time, we caught the small B-segment SUV rolling into the green hell and also around the Kia’s R&D center close to the circuit in hybrid/electric mode.

Read more about the Niro below this point.

In our interview with Michael Choo a few months ago, we tried to get more information about this new hybrid-only small SUV and the differences between this and the “KC”, a small SUV too that is expected to added to Kia’s future line-up. Now we can see the first spy picture after the car ends its secret test.

“The dedicated hybrid (2016 Kia Niro) and the KC (called as KX3) are different cars. We are not officially commenting on KC at the moment. As for the dedicated hybrid, all we are revealing at this time is that Kia Motors is developing an all-new vehicle, which will be Kia’s first dedicated eco-friendly vehicle based on its own platform.” Choo said.

“It will be launched initially with a next generation hybrid powertrain and a plug-in powertrain will be added later. Further details of the DE (launch timing, markets, prices and technical details) will be announced at later date.” he added.

“The car will get an all-new platform, engineered to accommodate a specific set of environmentally-conscious technologies and powertrains. Choo said. This ‘blank page’ approach will allow Kia’s engineers to design and develop the new model in isolation from other others in the Kia range, ensuring the car and its powertrain are perfectly suited to one another. This is part of Kia’s continuous drive to expand and develop its line-up of environmentally-friendly vehicles” he added.

The 2016 Kia Niro will fit between the Soul and the Sportage measuring 4,350mm and hits a sweet spot in terms of size and design: “Our research showed that Prius owners want a hybrid but aren’t happy with the design, this is the answer to that,” he said.

Video courtesy SB-Medien

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