The Future of Hyundai N: A New Electric Hot Hatch in the Making

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hyundai i20 n electric

Hyundai N brand is on the brink of introducing an exciting new addition, building upon the success of the IONIQ 5 N. Auto Express brings exclusive insights into the potential launch of a thrilling hot hatchback from Hyundai, and we have got a rendering of how it could look courtesy of Sustvin.

Albert Biermann, Executive Technical Advisor for Hyundai Motor Group (HMG), hinted at a forthcoming release following the IONIQ 5 N’s success. While details remain scarce, an exclusive image teases enthusiasts about the potential look of this upcoming model.

Biermann expressed the necessity for a smaller, more affordable electric N car to cater to diverse customer preferences. He emphasized the challenge ahead, acknowledging the high benchmarks set by Hyundai’s range of combustion hot hatchbacks.

Maintaining the high standards synonymous with Hyundai’s N series poses several challenges. Biermann stressed the significance of Hyundai’s uprated 800-volt architecture, essential for optimal performance, particularly on the track. He highlighted the inefficiencies associated with 400-volt systems, indicating the importance of advanced technology for prolonged track sessions.

Addressing concerns about battery capacity, Biermann underlined the need for sufficient range and cooling for extended performance, especially during track days. However, implementing such complex setups on smaller cars like those in the B-segment presents cost and technical feasibility challenges.

The discussion points towards potential platform adaptations for the baby N car, possibly utilizing the Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA) to accommodate both 400 and 800-volt models across various segments.

While specifics about the smaller N-car remain undecided, Hyundai aims to explore possibilities in the B or C segments. Biermann emphasizes ongoing discussions and decision-making processes, prioritizing track performance while considering costs and technological advancements.

Anticipating a dual-class or possibly triple-class coverage, the new entry-level N car might replace the i20 N, i30 N, and even the Kona N crossover. Expectations hint at a sleeker design and dynamic features compared to the blocky IONIQ 5, leveraging the flexibility of the new IMA platform.

Biermann concludes with a commitment to restoring the sub-brand’s essence, promising a future small car that will bring the ‘N’ series closer to its prestigious heritage.

As Hyundai’s N brand sets its sights on an electric hot hatch for the future, enthusiasts await eagerly to witness this groundbreaking addition that promises innovation, affordability, and uncompromising performance.

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