Interview: Erick Aragon – 2004 Hyundai Tiburon (Texas – USA).

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Let’s start with our second interview, in this opportunity we have Erick Aragon from the city MckInney, Texas and his 2004  Hyundai Tiburon

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I had the opportunity to meet Erick in person in one of the meets that my state has, that now our readers know as well its call Cupcake Meet. In that opportunity we both drove with another person to the meet, from then i was able to recognize the dedication Erick gives to his car not only from the way he parks his car for better view, also keeping her always clean, and constantly giving different presentation with the lights from outside and interior on o giving the opportunity to let see the interior or just opening the hood enough so they can see the clean engine bay he has.

Not only he is a fanatic with his car, but at the same time he is a good friend, he follow me to the City of Austin for the photo shooting i had to do for my annual meet that i always do in my state, Texas, filming and taking pictures of those precious moments for an unforgettable video, Click HERE to see the video.

Now lets start with the interview.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Erick Aragon born and raised in El Salvador for about 15, i moved to California and now living in Texas. At the moment im attending college and working at the same time.

Why did you choose the automaker Hyundai and perculiarly the model tiburon?

-To be honest, I had the least of the intentions of even buying a car that day. My motherwas out in the market looking for a car. Back then, we had just moved from California and only hadone car for the whole family. We drove by a dealership and her sight was attracted by a shiny bluecolor. “Tiburon!!” I said, I was able to recognize the car because of a game I was pretty much addictedto: “Need for Speed Underground”. And well, it was indeed a Hyundai Tiburon. After finally meeting thecar in person, and not just behind the screen, I pretty much wanted the car for myself being that mymom was looking for a 4-door car anyway. So I took it for a test drive, and a few moments later I findmyself going through usual signing and papers, yes I went for it. Hours later I step out the office door,and there it was parked, my very first car.

What were your plans with your tiburon? Be honest hehe

-At the time, I had just started working a part-time job, going to school, and the usual teenagerstuff. So naturally I knew I had to get aftermarket wheels, sound system and maybe some lighting and Ithought I would stop there. Days after I find a forum “”, and I could not get enough ofall the info I was able to find, and the basic list I had in my plans turned into a huge list of things I couldand now wanted to do to the car. So the very next day there I was, making my very first order online…A “Short Antenna”, something that I even had no idea of its existence. And there it starts thefamous “mod-bug” that got me to where and how my car sits now.

Are you currently in a car club or do you practice any activity with your Tiburon?

-I have never been part of a car club, but I constantly attend to car meets. I have always loveddoing such thing because I was able to show off my Tiburon, meet new people, and have a great timewith other Tiburon owners… sharing stories and such, who don’t?

Tell us what mods have you done to your Tiburon.

-55w 6000k HID’s Low Beams
-35w 6000k HIDs Fogs
-F/L Blacked Out Headlights
-Partial Tinted F/L Taillights
-Tuscani Badges
-Tuscani Wheel Caps
-KDM Fog Light Rings
-Ark Short Antenna
-DIY Black Gas Cap
-LED License Plate Lights
-60 SMT Dual Color Led Bulbs
-Tinted Windows
-Upper Billet Grille
-NIA Aggressive Eyelids
-Rolled and Pulled Fenders


-White SMD Dome Lights
-Tuscani Steering Wheel Emblem
-F/L Metallic Door Handles
-Metallic Center Vent Rings
-Trunk Lighting Kit
-F/L Leather/Red Stitching Seats
-Footwell Lighting Kit
-KDM Metal Pedals
-DIY Dash LED/SMD Conversion
-Reverse Glow Gauges
-KDM OEM Multigauges
-KDM Passenger Cup Holder
-DIY Black Suede Headliner
-DIY Black Suede Door Inserts and Mission Plate

Suspension/Wheel Setup
-Federal SS 595 (225/40/18 )Stretched on…
-…18×10 AA (o+25 Rear o+25 Front)
-Adjustable Camber Bolts (-1.8 Rear -1 Front)
-ARK GT-F Springs
-KYB GR2 Struts
-Factory Tuned Strut Bar

-Alpine HU
-Single 10″ Kicker L7 Sub
-Infinity Amp
-Viper Alarm System W/ Remote Start

What are the future plans for your Tiburon, have thought about buying another car, if so which one?

-Currently, I find myself in a situation where I don’t see myself spending any more money on thecar, besides maybe getting me a set of coilovers. It sounds disappointing, I know. But I just think I haveachieved the look I want for the car, Clean and simple, yet so outstanding. I don’t see myself getting ridof my Tiburon either, so it will probably stay in the family for a bit more since I’m thinking on passing iton to my sister once she gets her drivers license, and getting myself either a Lexus IS300 or a SubaruWRX STi.

Are you currently a member of any forum? what is your screen name/a.k.a.?

-I am an active member of, and have been since April of 2008. The forum has a widevariety of information for the Tiburon. My screen name is “Chelito0” (that’s a zero after the “o”) haha.

What are your hobbies?

-I really enjoy photography, I find it very interesting and it keeps me busy when I have nothingelse to do. Of course I also enjoy working on my car as much as I can even if it is to just give it a nice detailing job.

What do you think about the Hyundai veloster?

-My honest thought about this car is that I hate the look of the rear end. I have yet to see it inperson but based on the variety of pictures I’ve seen so far… front end looks aggressive and I really likethat, but as I start looking towards the rear end I just start picturing just another cubic looking car orNissan Juke. Performance wise… kudos for keeping the high gas mileage and getting about the same amount of power as the 2.0Beta engine, out of a 1.6L engine. But until they drop a nice turbocharged engine in there (which I’m pretty sure they will) a little something like the genesis coupe 2.0T engine,and keeping the veloster’s current weight… I’ll be pretty convinced that this will be a nice little fun ride.

Thank You Erick Aragon for this great interview and hopefully next time we’ll see you in another Korean car 🙂

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