Interview: McScraach – 2007 Kia pro_cee'd.

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Let us begin our third interview!! This time we have our good friend Mc Scraach a very pasionate person of the extreme sports and his ride, a Kia pro_cee’d 1.6 LX in which he has dedicated a lot of time to imprint his own style and without a doubt, makes jealous more than one person while he rides around town.

I havent had the opportunity to meet Mc Scraach personally, but its not because he havent tried it, because he has invited many times to his regular meets he organize in Romania. Kia fanatic and extreme sports, Robin is the founder of the Romanian Kia forum, FanKia, and his other website about extreme sports, Extreme Wheels, one of his biggest hobbies.

Now lets get to know more about Mc Scraach and his unique pro_cee’d or “whitey”, as he call it.

First Question: How did you find out about Kia?.

I know the Kia brand for a long time, but no other model than the pro_cee’d attracted me.

Second Question: Why did you decided for the pro_cee’d? What you saw in it? Did you had other brand in mind? Which one?

When I saw kia Pro_cee’d instantIy felt in love, I like the car design and I was amazed that Kia made out a car so beautiful. I was very puzzled about the car that I bought, also i got positive feedback for the OpelAstra, VW Golf but i was limited in money too.

Third Question: When did you bought your pro_cee’d? Did you thought to make any changes from the beginning, or you preferred to go slowly and see the progress?.

I bought the car in November 2007 and I waited a month to come my model in my City, I was too excited about design and I wanted to make many major changes from the beginning. The car was perfect for the projects.

Four Question: What modifications have you done to the pro_cee’d so far?.

I added new rims, a powerful subwoofer for a best sound, I started working on the vinyl exterior, custom white leather steering wheel, shifter and armrest and other I will do in the future.

Five Question: Did your car change your opinion about Kia? What is the people’s opinion about Kia in Romania?.

Theemoment I bought the car it gave me with a good impression, I also noticed that Kia service responds promptly to our requests. Since I bought the car I had no problems and am very pleased. The Kia cee’d / pro_cee’d in Romania is popular due to price / quality, Kia cee’d in 2007 was named Car of the Year.

Six Question: Is it your first and only Kia?.

Pro_cee’d is my first car, but I have driven other cars from my dad.

Seven Question: What can you tell us about how people react when they see your car?.

I’m always surprised by their reactions and people stop me in traffic and wondering what and where I made changes, the police stop me because they think i am a street racer also they think I broke the law with my modifications, many strangers also want to race with me… i love those reactions.

Eight Question: Are you in any auto related activities?. has a partnership with the Safety Drive Asociation and started few lessons, and i’m so glad because I learn couple new things.

Nine Question: Do you have any hobbies?.

My biggest hobby is to socialize and make new friends, playing basketball, traveling,computer games and doing graphics in Corel Draw.

Ten Question: Tell us what is your screen name and in which Kia forum we can find you at.

I am the founder of FanKia and Extreme Wheels community in Romania and my nickname is Scraachmyback or simply Scraach. You can find me on, Fankia facebook Page, Extreme Wheels, and my personal facebook.

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Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.

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