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After seeing the picture for sure you are asking yourself what is this, right? Well, according to spy shots caught in California by a reader from Carscoop (you can see after the jump), the cammo car is just like an a 2013 Hyundai i30 with light mods Hyundai’s have to to sold in the US.

For the US-market, this new Elantra Hatchback comes to replace the Elantra Touring (this a version from the european i30 Crossover Wagon), but not sure if Hyundai stop offering the estate version. In Europe, the south korean hatchback will be available early 2012 with two petrol engines (1.4i 16v 100 hp and 1.6 GDi 140 hp) and two diesel (CRDi engines with 90 hp and 126 hp).

For the US-market Hyundai maybe use the 1.8 MPi 150hp like the Elantra Sedan version or the 1.6 GDi 140 hp. We can see it together the coupe version at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show? Stay tuned!

Hyundai i30 European Version

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