Happy Year from The KCB!!

by Dec 31, 2011All News5 comments

Such a wonderful year went by, this 2011 was full of surprises from your favorite Korean brand, some with good and also bad news but as always we can only take the best of it and celebrate with Joy! Most people are celebrating new years traveling to different parts of the World, well wherever you guys at Jose Antonio and I want to wish a Happy New Year, that the upcoming year bring more happiness and Joy to our lives.

Jose and I were talking about traditions we have to receive the New Year and one of them is the 12 grapes making 1 wish for each grape you eat, tell us guys what are the other traditions you guys do?

Happy New Year!!!

Written by Erick Uceda

Blogger, Photographer, Car Enthusiast, HanFest - KDM Car Show, Streetkiaz Texas Chapter Leader, Husband and Father. Some of the activities I enjoy doing everyday.

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