Hyundai Veloster, The Zombieproof Machine

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Ever since the appearance of Hyundai Santa Fe on the very famous AMC TV series, The Walking Dead(TWD), Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) with collaboration of Hyundai have made the best zombieproof machine to fight when the war between humans vs zombies occurs (hopefully never!). We first saw the Elantra zombieproof version at Comic-con last year but now we are looking to a more sporty version in Hyundai, and that is the Veloster Turbo.

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The Veloster is one of the most popular cars Hyundai is selling, and now this version made by GAS makes the Veloster even more awesome and efficient for a heavy zombie attack, which by the looks it will hold pretty well against many zombies.

This Veloster TWD edition is sure an eye candy for zombie survivors, to begin with the car has been reinforce with hand fabricated armor, then we find the hood a double barrel shotgun with sand bags for up close attack. Now if they are even closer, the front bumper has not one but two quick change chainsaws and horde plow, also the front grille has 3 blade saws to finish the job but if you think that’s not enough, there is a door attached flame throwers.

This Veloster is not only prepared on the front, but the back is ready as well and you will find knife blades, a samurai sword and a baseball bat with spikes, those for sure will come handy for up close combat. and lets not forget the wheel blade weaponry.

Now the cabin has received metal interior walls for extra protection, LineX-style sprayed floor and many reinforcements for the roof hatch and specially for roof-mounted .50 caliber machine gun.

We cant wait to see the next Hyundai The walking dead edition.

Enjoy the gallery!

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