Hyundai & Kia Cars To Include Android-based AVN System By End of 2013

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According to Korea’s ET News report, Hyundai & Kia will install the Android OS-based AVN (audio video navigation) system in all new cars to be released in the future. Hyundai & Kia are the first auto makers in the world to apply Android OS to the AVN system in full scale. These two companies plan to accelerate the execution of the smart car strategy that reinforces Android-based connectivity and safety. 

Hyundai & Kia is planning to install the Android OS-based next-generation AVN system in the ‘All New Soul’ and the ‘New Genesis’ scheduled to be released by the end of this year. They will also apply the same system to all new cars slated to be released next year, including the New Sonata.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:1px;”]“Hyundai & Kia will install the Android AVN system, which is linked to all the smartphone functions, and provides its own Appstore and communication-based telematics service, in the All New Soul and the New Genesis in earnest,” said an industry insider. “All new cars released next year will have this system by default or as an option.”

This system, which Kia Motors named `UVO 2.0,` will be installed in the All New Soul as a default AVN system. Hyundai Motor will also apply the same system to the New Genesis. The two most noteworthy models among the cars Hyundai & Kia release this year will signal the expansion of the Android AVN system.

The biggest feature of the Android-based AVN system is the reinforcement of the connectivity between automobiles and smart devices in response to the diffusion of mobile devices. This system will be linked to the smartphone and make it possible to use not only the default terminal functions, but also multimedia in the car. Also, users can take advantage of the open OS to freely download the dedicated application and optimize the functions. In particular, this system implemented a new telematics function that can remotely control the car through the WiFi and modem connection.

Hyundai & Kia took the initiative in installing the Android AVN system in order to take the leadership as the ‘first mover’ in the next-generation smart car market. Hyundai & Kia have invested tens of billions of Korean Won and mobilized hundreds of SW developers in the past three years to concentrate on system development and stabilization. European car makers are developing Android AVN systems, but lost the title of the ‘world’s first’ to Hyundai & Kia.

“As Hyundai & Kia are strong-willed about development and the external R&D ecosystem is solidly implemented, Korea auto makers became the first in the world to develop the Android AVN system,” said an industry insider. “As foreign car makers are also developing this system, Android will become one of the main operating systems for the smart car AVN system.”

Source: [ETnews]

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