Kia Launch The 2014 K9 Flagship Sedan in South Korea

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Kia Motors is set to release the 2014 version of its K9 flagship on his local market, which suffered low sales. The company revealed “K9 2014” at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul on January 9 where it announced the launch of the official sales of this model. 

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:5px;”]The K9 2014 (called Quoris in overseas markets) features an improvement in interior and exterior designs, with its trims being simplified from six to five. Of these, the entry trim Prestige model has a retail price of 40 million won (US $37,600). It is a basic model that features the changed design and the electronic safety power trunk. 

The flagship trim 3.3-liter model has a 9.2-inch navigator which has an option price of 2.54 million won (US $2,390), plus an LED fog lamp and rear seat armrest USB recharging device. 

The price of the K9 2014 (also called K900 in the U.S.) 3.3-liter models is 49.9 million won (US $46,900) for Prestige and 55.9 million won (US $52,500) for Executive. The price of 3.8-liter models is 62.6 million won (US $58,800) for Noblesse, 68.3 million won (US $64,200) for VIP and 78.3 million won (US $73,600) for RVIP.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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