Exclusive: 2015 Hyundai Sonata LF Undisguised In 3 Pictures

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Latest picture above is a render based on the first taillight pic.

Directly from South Korea we received these spy pictures of the 2015 Hyundai Sonata (codenamed as LF), that it is scheduled for 2014 New York AutoShow held in April, when the updated Sonata will have revealed.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:5px;”]In new spy photos the 2015 Sonata shows the complete rear LED taillights with a totally new design, and a part of front/side with a little look to the front headlight, wheel arch and alloy wheels.

We would like to have more spy shots from better angles, but actually these are the only photos without camouflage we’ve ever found. Also you can see in the gallery new pictures from the inside. Stay tuned! Probably more undisguised pictures will be revealed soon!

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Source: [LFSonata]

Written by loubeat

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  1. Andrew

    UM? What’s with the Corolla and Camry Taillights? Kind of a turnoff.

    • Seuong Koo

      My thoughts exactly…when I saw that it was like WHOA Corolla rear end….hopefully these pictures are wrong

  2. FS

    i guess they are now considering into the look of Accord / Camry stylish. a bit more boxy front and rear and maintain the side fluidic sculpture profile

    • Andrew

      I guess so, was kinda hoping the taillight would fall more in line with the renders that came out not too long ago. Here’s hoping we get some better leaked pictures soon to get a better feel of where the design has gone. BTW, given you have seen the car FS, is the interior a poorly executed as it seems. I know this is pre production but it looks cheapened when compared to the outgoing.

    • Andrew

      Interesting,I guess we’ll just have to wait for a legitimate full leak or the actual reveal to determine how this rear end will turn out.

    • J.R.

      Yes, & the granny down the street also thinks the VW beetle is a Porsche 911 bcus it looks similar in her untrained eyes. Go invite the granny to have a cup of tea with you since you seem to have a lot in common(ignorance in automotive design) with her.

      • MeetTerry

        Many of my friends and family members are in automotive design, and are about to get their degrees in that.
        If anyone is “ignorant in auto design”, it’s obviously you.
        The arched taillight design was started by the Bavarians/Germans. More and more manufacturers are using this design evidently due to its attractiveness as a design element.
        If you know anything, Peter Shreyer became Head of Designs at both Hyundai and KIA, and it’s obvious that his design style shows through.
        I specifically said it reminds me more of the A8 because this arched taillight design has been modified so that it is more angular. The underside of the arched piece has been cut sharp, rather than a curved chamfer/round like on the KIA K5/Optima.

        Oh, and I’d love to actually see you on the Korean forums where the spyshots get on there first. A bunch of us over there think the same thing– And we’re not saying it’s a bad design cue at all. It looks quite nice.

        Next time if you’re going to make an idiotic and snarky comment, think it through and cut out the rudeness.

  3. MeetTerry

    Could the author of this article please fix some errors in this?
    The picture showing both the taillights undisguised is NOT a spyshot.
    A person over at LFSonataClub photoshopped an image to imagine what the Sonata will look like. He doubled the image of the spyshot of one taillight and reversed it to see what it would look like.



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