Scooped: Mysterious Hyundai Genesis Spotted in South Korea

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Updated: Our follower “bd” shared with us that this model will be codenamed “AG” and positioned a higher step than the Azera, will be more larger and luxurious. 

Hyundai is testing a mysterious Hyundai Genesis in South Korea, at first look both cars look the same, but looking more closely to the camouflaged car and the non-camo you can see a different C-pilar, different wheels, diferent designed exterior mirrors and also different design between the union of  and the 

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]The non-camo Genesis sure its the 5.0 V8 GDi variant will be available in the U.S-market at launch, looking at the dual exhaust on each side (the same than the North American model).

The camouflaged vehicle looks like a Genesis Sedan on the rear-end with the same LED taillights design, but then in the side and front had a different design, with a different C-pilar design, exterior mirrors (the same used on the Santa Fe) and also a with differences between the A-pilar union with the front hood and the side fender. Is Hyundai working in a facelift for the Genesis? Maybe a Hybrid variant? A Long Wheel Based Genesis with different front end to like in China (recently the Genesis was spotted in China) Or it is another model testing under the Genesis framework?

Please stay tuned for more information soon and say what you think on the comments box!

Different exterior mirrors and also different design between the union of  and the (a hybrid variant?)

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Different C-pilar design (a long wheel base in the works?) 

Photo source: [Bobaedream]

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  1. Andrew

    Maybe it’s the AWD Perfomance variant they were considering?

  2. Andrew

    Interesting kia-world to which I concour on second thought. This very well may be the 3 Series fighter from Hyundai.

    • bd

      Too large for that.

  3. Patrick

    Just saying but proportions are as FWD as it gets… I’d love for it to be a smaller RWD offering but you can’t go past the placement of the A pillar.

  4. bd

    Yep – looks FWD, so likely Hyundai’s ES competitor (based on the Azera), since many female consumers want FWD and the Azera is not upscale enough.

  5. Matt

    Could very well be the 5.0 R-Spec AWD

  6. Dubbs

    Gonna go with the new Azera. It’s about time for a new one, and styling like this will smartly bridge the gap between the new Sonata and the new Genesis, completing the family look.

  7. bd

    Code name “AG” and larger and more luxurious than the Azera (can’t be a variant of the new Genesis b/c the hoodline is way too short and the passenger compartment is smaller).



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