Render: How the Next Generation Kia Optima Will Look

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With the next generation Kia Optima starting its test from Death Valley to South Korea through the Alps, today we want to share with you a render of how the new Optima (called as K5 in South Korean local market) will look.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]And well, looking at the render and spy picture that shows how the front design will be, the next-gen Optima looks more like an improved design of the car than a totally different one. 

Longer and wider, and with a more premium & bold design, we expected to be like the All-New Sorento, an updated design fitted with more premium interior and latest infotainment and safety features.

At least, a very difficult task for Kia and Peter’s Schreyer design team to improve this good looking and succesful car. And you, what do think?

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Spy Picture courtesy of Motorgraph

Written by loubeat

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.


  1. Jimbo

    DO NOT LIKE. I love the new grill on Sorento and Sedona and would love the next Sportage and Optima to have a similar design. If not, Cee’d grill that’s also been used on K900. This render looks like a ripoff of a 5 year old generic Japanese car.

    • k5fan


  2. Chris D

    Very nice, Schreyer esque.

  3. J.R.

    Not sure why Korean Car Blog has a habit of posting renderings by amateurs that are very poorly done. Only explanation is that they know very little about car design & are too easily impressed. Last time Korean Car Blog put up a student’s rendering that was also very poorly done…

    • Jose Antonio López

      We are not a designers, we only are korean cars fans and we like to share with our followers and try to get your opinions about how the car will look, this is just a render, created by a amateur, but with that you can guess if the car will look like that or not (just take a look to the spy picture below and you will see that yeah, the render is not high quality, but it draws the future lines can see on the camouflaged car pretty well). Greetings!

    • Louis

      What’s poor about it? Based the the given picture it seems relatively accurate. Is it concern that the Optima may be headed in a direction you may not like?

  4. bd

    That would be a clear step down, but luckily, this is just a not very good rendering.

  5. I. Braginski

    Based on the current spy shots, this rendering is way off (and the car in it is, compared to the current Optima, genuinely ugly). The headlights are too narrow (they do go on for a bit more, with the front indicators being quite substantial. See and, consequently, the grille is too wide, and also too short, with the gap between the two tabs in the Tiger Nose being wider in the real car (again, see image). The gap between the two headlight elements is practically nonexistent (it’s present in the real car). The bumper valance is too short. The wing mirrors are wrong. I could go on. Basically, this looks like a four-door Kia Rio that hit puberty and came out worse (a reverse Emma Watson, if you will). Not good.

    The current Optima looks awesome and the next one will too, judging by the spy shots. (I mean, this thing is Kia’s cash cow. They can’t afford to screw it up.) This rendering just doesn’t do the Optima justice.



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