Hyundai Worried About Lower Aslan Premium Sedan Sales

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Hyundai Motor is concerde about lower-than-expected sales of its mid-sized sedans, the recently launched Aslan premium sedan and refreshed Grandeur. According to Hyundai, the sales of the Grandeur stood at 6,513 units last month, down 19.9 percent from 8,134 units a year ago.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]The sales of the Hyundai Aslan also remained lower than expected at 1,070 units, up 7.9 percent from 992 units in December 2014. The combined sales of the Grandeur and the Aslan stood merely at 7,583 units, which is lower than the record set by the Grandeur alone last year.

The current 5G Grandeur model was released in December 2012 and a new full-change model will likely to be released one or two years later. Given that the Grandeur has played a key role in boosting Hyundai Motor’s overall sales, the recent decline in sales of the Grandeur is painful to the Korean car maker.

The Aslan, which made a debut in November 2014, failed to create a new car effect with its sales falling to 992 units in December from 1,320 units in November. Hyundai has slashed the prices to reverse slow sales.

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  1. Arjay

    They arent exciting or fresh to look at anymore. Especially the interiors. Hyundai’s all about making premium simple, but its simple in a boring way compared to expressive and eye catching like the last generation sonata (interior and exterior).

  2. Nick

    Easy,badge it as a Sonata, bring it to NA. Overnight sales success.

    @Arjay, I agree. They were better off before Schryer got involved with Hyundai. More daring.

    • Nick

      That said, their luxury vehicles look fantastic.

    • Mohankeneh

      Actually, you’ll see shreyers work starting on the new Tucson. The sonata wasn’t designed by him

      • Nick

        Okay my mistake then. Nevertheless, I still think this is what the Sonata should have been. Maybe not the same level of interior fit and finish, but the sheet metal definitely.

  3. Mobis21

    Hyundai wants to be known as “Premium Luxury”. But until their interiors and exteriors begin exuding “Premium Luxury” on the level of say an Audi, people will continue to see them as just a cheaper, feature rich alternative and not the primary choice among the established brands. Hyundai has to offer best in MPG, suspension and handling as well as leading tech. No one knows Hyundai for having any exclusive bragging rights to any one of these features.

    • Jose Antonio López

      As a former Hyundai President said in a K900 post, Hyundai needs to stop losing money to try to get a better position between the luxury brands. They need to buy a luxury brand and use it (as Mr. Juhn said), or maybe, create a separated luxury brand. (this could works)


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