2016 Kia Optima Spotted Inside

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Kia is finishing the next generation 2016 Kia Optima development (also called K5), and the next generation codenamed as “JF” and is expected to debut during the first quarter of 2015. Today you can take a look to the completely undisguised interior.

[ads id=”4″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]This project is a very difficult task for Kia engineers and Peter Schreyer’s design team, how to improve one of the most beautiful and succesful Kia models ever designed, and also lead K-series sales in South Korea. (Kia is currently losing market share every month in its local market)

That’s why the new 2016 Kia Optima will feature a more sharper design (will premiere Kia’s new sedans design way, and will be followed by the next generation K7/Cadenza in 2016), a better interior quality and an engine choice between petrol, diesel (in Europe), hybrid (available in late 2015) and for the first time, a plug-in hybrid model (this car will be available during 2016).

The interior quality will get another step forward, like in the new generation Kia Sorento, and looking at the spy picture, the 2016 Kia Optima will have new 8″ inch infotainment system under chromed bar, getting all the attention from the new leather-wrapped dash, new infotainment and air controls. The 2016 Kia Optima will use the same steering wheel we saw on the Sportage spy shots.

The design sticks closely to the current MY2015 Optima, including a wide “tiger nose” grille connected with the headlights from side to side and a wider taillights at the rear end. Speaking with Kia’s design team, the car won’t look like a latest Sorento and Sedona models, because these cars have a different target than sedans.

The petrol model will have more aggressive and sporty air intakes in the front bumper, while the hybrid models get a closed front grille that opens automatically when cooling is required. New wheels and colour palette finished exterior updates.

What do you think?

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  1. Kialover

    Hello to all KIA supporters.

    Very nice interior, especially the middle. Again very well done KIA. Thats what i expected from you. Now bring out the Optima caravan in europe. In addition to an improved 1.7 crdi engine a 2.0 R diesel engine would be great too.

    Once KIA. Always KIA.

  2. Galaxium

    Interesting that the Optima no longer has the cockpit design as the current generation, but the new Sonata has the cockpit design, which it didn’t for the last generation.

  3. Ernest Biel

    Please give a Cadenza 293hp v6 in an Optima

  4. Kali

    BMW lookalike interior … !!! IMHO current dashboard is better
    outside seems like facelift only (something like SportageR4)

  5. Kialover

    yes ok i saw a bmw interior on google ( and only on google becauce i would never get close to such sh.. brands in real life) and i must say there are similarities but as KIA is a more practical brand it has bigger buttons and higher quality materials. Not even mercedes offers this high quality materials anymore.

    And as i talk about mercedes i must mention that a few days ago the front holder of the spring on my 16 years old mercedes W210 broke loudly while driving. I was lucky of driving slowly in the city. Although mercedes knows that safety problem for long time it refused an officially call back all the time in germany . Just imagine you drive on highway with your family and then…….. and all becauce of saving 20 euros of wax 16 years ago. Dumb m…..

    As you know me i am not a friend of new european carmakers mentality but this case makes me hate them even more

    Thank you KIA for existing and saving us customers from the devil shit.

    Greetings by the Turk to all KIA supporters. See you.



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