2019 Hyundai Midship Sports Car Rendered

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I’m sure you can remember the Veloster RM15 or Midship that was revealed at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show by Hyundai.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]In a concept form, the Hyundai Midship was developed using a Veloster Turbo as a base but with only three doors. The RM15 (Racing Midship 2015) is an aggressively-styled, high-performance mid-engined coupe concept.

The core structure of the RM15 is based on an aluminum spaceframe, clothed in light, stiff body panels formed in carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) – together achieving a significant weight saving compared to a conventional all-steel vehicle. The body panels are painted in the signature colors of the company’s ‘N’ brand (pale blue, black, red and Hyundai mid-blue) which also feature on the Hyundai WRC i20 rally car.

Power comes from Hyundai Motor’s Theta 2.0-liter T-GDI engine mounted transversely behind the two-seater cabin and ahead of the rear axle, ensuring optimized weight distribution and a low moment of inertia for excellent handling agility and high levels of traction. The four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine generates 300 ps at 6,000 rpm and drives the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission.

This is just a rumor, but according to korean magazine Hankyung, the Hyundai Midship could turn into a production as a “Halo” model for Hyundai. What do you think?

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  1. Denis Rousseau

    the Korean Aventador lol

  2. Luke

    Hyundai is being stupid by not paying attention to a high-end, high-performance sports car. That segment is where prestige comes from in the automotive industry, and automotive publications won’t take Hyundai seriously until Hyundai does something so clearly money-losing, as an indication of its genuine interest in making cars, as opposed to just making money.

    • Allyn

      They could buy Oullim Motors and release the Spirra and the Spirra Criget outside of Korea? would that be good for you?

      • Luke

        Maybe, maybe not; that would depend on how much financial support (a lot) and managerial freedom (also a lot) that Hyundai gave the company. I’d still rather see them let their own engineers have some fun and design something for the brand they’re employed under. I suppose I don’t know why Hyundai couldn’t do both. Sure, that’d be internal competition, but Audi and Lamborghini do it with the 911, R8, and Gallardo/Huracan.

  3. Mobis21

    I really do like this rendering. Here are my concerns:
    1. Can Hyundai get the suspension and handling right?
    2. The best of the breed balance in power and torque to match with horsepower?
    3. Class leading fuel economy with no fudging of the numbers?
    4. Lighter weight, but stronger frame and chassis that meets or exceeds safety ratings?
    5. Best interior for its class rivaling the likes of Audi?

    Can Hyundai do this? Could they pull off such a feat with this concept to production? If, and it would be a big if, Hyundai could answer all those technical challenges by building this beauty, they would sell every copy at close to MSRP! But right now, I just do not see Hyundai with the spark to produce anything this enlightening without the expertise of outside influence.

  4. BostonJeff

    I personally think the Velostar needs a total redesign…it is ungainly and just plain ugly…which is juxtaposition to other Hyundai designs that are quite attractive and competitive. A mid-engine version with a more athletic design could be just the answer.


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