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Maybe you’re thinking, where is the Sportage article and pictures? First and foremost, I would like to make clear that we only shared a photo gallery of 3D renders that were located at Squir.com website (who has removed), because for the Korean media we are who leaked. At the same time, for the people who thought only was a render, this just confirm they were wrong and this were more than just a fan render.

I decided to remove as a favor to my friends at Kia Motors Corporation.

As Jimbo said in the last comment, its time to start with the conspiracy theories…

Written by loubeat

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  1. Jimbo

    IF Squire removed it because of KIA’s cease and desist order, it’s a good sign. It means that it was a very accurate rendering.

    Anyway, it’s all over the internet now. Nothing stays hidden.

    • thekcb

      Yeah, of course its very accurate. I done as a favor, but that is true, it’s all over the Internet

      • Jimbo

        To be honest, maybe there’s a much more innocent reason behind it: Maybe they had too much server traffic and didn’t want their website to crash. All the articles link back to their website.

        We’ll find out in a few days…

  2. Jtzist .

    I saw it already. It’s actually nice. It looked like the real thing to me.


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