Hyundai HCD-16 Will Anticipate Next-Gen Genesis Coupe

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It’s been a while since the last time we talked about the next-generation Genesis Coupe. Today we received an interesting report, Hyundai has confirmed that will unveil a new concept car in August 11, that may just preview the next-generation Genesis Coupe.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:5px;”]According to Hyundai, the concept will be in the form of a “flagship two-door coupe” and will follow the Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design lines that we already saw in its upmarket models like the Genesis and new Equus sedans.

Code-named as HCD-16, the concept will be revealed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Peter Schreyer is the man under the design.

Is not confirmed but it’s possible that the concept will also be shown at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance scheduled for that same week.

“The HCD-16 features a handsome, sharply-tapered profile and dramatically proportioned wheels.” Hyundai official said. The concept will have automatic doors, a feature Hyundai calls the Virtual Valet Door System. Finally, expect to see a fuel-efficient powertrain installed, as Hyundai says it was respectful of the trend of downsizing and minimalism when designing the concept.

Hyundai HND-9 concept unveiled in 2013

Before that, Hyundai unveiled the HND-9 (also called Venace) in 2013, another concept that previewed the next Genesis Coupe. The latest reports and spy shots told us that the next Genesis Coupe will be a bigger, more premium car than the current model, something confirmed by test mules we spotted in the wild.

The next Genesis Coupe is expected to hit US showrooms during next year as a 2017 model, which will ride on the same RWD platform used in the Genesis sedan. Four-seater coupe and V6 Twin-Turbo powered engine, the next-gen Genesis Coupe will be more expensive than the current model. It’s expected to debut next year, meaning it will likely arrive in showrooms as a 2017 model.

NewsSource: [MotorAuthority]

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  1. Mobis21

    Hyundai no doubt, with Lotus’ help, is getting the suspension and handling well sorted before the launch. This new Gen Coupe needs to have exceptional ride and handling as well as above average fuel economy. Yeah, I know. I know. It’s a sport coupe but so what. Hyundai should be able to do this and make it lighter not heavier. Hyundai you can do this.

    It also needs strong engine performance. It needs killer torque to match the horsepower the engine is expected to produce. No substitute for monster power and torque will do. I have read to expect a twin turbo under the hood. Really? It had better be balls-to-the-wall the best ever!

    And while they’re at it, don’t forget it needs a world class interior. Yep, that’s right. Hyundai has been taking its time so I hope those are the main things it has been concentrating on perfecting. This Coupe has to be a halo car. It has to be right the first time out of the box. Period.

    The Concept looks real good so as long as the shape depicted in the photo above is 85 percent or closer, I don’t see a problem with Hyundai getting some well needed bragging rights for this Coupe. Did I mention it better outperform anything in its class? Yeah, I know, that’s a tall order but so what. It has been done so why not a Hyundai branded Coupe that can take on a more expensive coupe and go door-to-door and wipe the smug off that Audi or BMW coupe.

    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired that Hyundai comes close and does so well producing mass market cars but is “almost there” with its luxury rides. Time to step it up above the class they are competing in. Time to be at the head of the class for a change. You heard that Hyundai. Now get it done!

    • Erick

      I agree with what you said mobis but in other to mass sell those cars you have to make them at a reasonable price. The way it’s going, it seems the gencoupe will go up in price with a new engine they are adding but the best part of all and is becoming very popular with Hyundai’s new models, new technology comes with almost the same price tag as previous Generation.

      The Genesis Sedan made a big statement when it first came out and Hyundai has to make another big statement with the Genesis Coupe, hopefully using more premium materials and adding the already new technology they have. Having Lotus, Magna and BMW engineer in their team hopefully they’ll make a good coupe with an affordable price.

      • Mobis21

        I believe Hyundai is capable of winning one here in a big way with this Coupe and the only way to make this possible is by keeping the pressure on them to do this.

        I am one of their biggest critic but I am also a former owner of two Hyundais so I have some history with the brand. It’s just now that they have grown beyond a small struggling upstart to contender, I would like to see them produce a premium lux vehicle that does not compromise. That is why I say this coupe has to be right the first time out.

        I also sense that since Krafcik’s departure from Hyundai USA, some of the excitement and energy he brought to the brand has gone dim. And that’s another thing about Hyundai that irritates me, they make drastic changes like the case with Krafcik because of the horsepower and fuel mileage claims incidents.

        It’s like Hyundai’s brass doesn’t get it, you don’t let your best player go because of correctable issues like that. Maybe that is an Asian save face thing or just outright arrogance but you don’t kick your top guy to the curb not the one who has brought you further along with growth like you have never had.

        Now we see Hyundai stumbling a bit with the Sonata which should never have been the case. It would have never happened if Krafcik was still there and that’s the point when you have good leaders you don’t get rid of them. I find Hyundai’s biggest problem is they are sometimes too reactive rather than proactively trusting their best leaders to get them to the next level even if they make a few mistakes here and there.

        So my expectations are now higher than ever that Hyundai can pull this off because anything less will mean less for the brand in the future.



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