Kia to Develop the Optima Sportspace

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According to Kia Motors at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15, the cutting-edge Sportspace concept car, which it was unveiled in March, will turn into a production car to create an Optima Wagon for targeting European market. 

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:5px;”]Developed by the Kia Design Center in Frankfurt (Germany), the Sportspace concept car garnered attention as it offered a glimpse of how the design of the All-New Kia Optima (also called K5 in South Korea) will be.

The Optima Wagon is expected to be released early next year as a strategic model for the European market where the demand for wagon-type vehicles is high and will be designed from the Sportspace. 

Kia Motors officials said that chances are low that the K5 Wagon will be released in Korea and not even in North America. In the meantime, Kia Motors has showcased its new Optima and Optima GT models at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few days ago.

The new Optima will come in two types including the 2.0-liter gasoline and 1.7-liter diesel models, and in the near future will receive a plug-in hybrid model and a high performance variant, with 245 hp Turbo engine. Is expected that the Sportspace will have the same engine range, could be a GT-line model if it works.

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  1. Denis Rousseau

    Nice wagon but only for europe.
    USA create wagons back then but hate it, hard to believe!

    • Jose Antonio López

      Yeah, the problem is in North America people dislike wagon and prefer SUVs, and this is a risk. In the North of Europe people still wants wagon cars and enjoy a good level of sales.

  2. Kialover

    This is the first time that i am happy to live in europe lol (or not lol)

  3. Kialover

    i wonder why europe lol is in red and that there is a connection to it. This wasnt my intention. So could someone on this blog delete this or write it in black so that there is no connection to it. Thanks to your attention

    • Erick Uceda

      It was because of the dot, disquus thought it was a URL lol but its now fixed.

  4. chuckbilodeau


    • Mobis21

      Yeah. Bring it to N. America and watch it fail. lol

      • Charles-André Bilodeau

        Im not sure about that, we’ve never had so much client interest in a prototype…

      • BahamaTodd

        Unfortunately true.

  5. Kialover

    Bring this beauty to everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BahamaTodd

    Is there a source for this report “According to Kia Motors Corp. on August 27”?

    • Jose Antonio López

      The source was Kia Motors Korea, and now they confirmed at Frankfurt Motor Show. We always confirm our sources 😉

  7. Kialover

    This is what i call a beautiful front. The best that KIA has ever created and the best that i have ever seen in my whole life. Thanks for that.
    Its a pity that wagons cant have 7 seats but im happy anyway.

    KIA. The Power To Surprise



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