Genesis EQ900 is all naked!

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We were informed of new pictures from the Genesis EQ900 were out in the Internet and sure enough this are some great shot of what Hyundai Motor Group is preparing for the new brand Genesis.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]The pictures we have found are from a parking lot and the next one in front of a building, both were taken by different people it seems and we can’t tell if it’s on the same location.
We are assuming this was taken while the EQ900 was doing some photos and videos for their presentation but of course, it’ll be too hard for pedestrians to not notice this beauty and immediately took a picture of it.

We can some similarities from the Hyundai Genesis coupe but the overall style from the EQ900 looks different. The new design of headlights gives this car a luxury feel and look. We also find the chrome trim all across the bottom grill ending right next to the LED fog lights but leaving a small a gap, this probably was done for aerodynamics, similarly found in the All-New Hyundai Elantra.

On the side we find a big line that starts from the top of the grill then continues between the hood and headlights, and then above the door handle and ends above the tailights but even the inside design of the tailights, starts with 3 separate lines on the bottom and ends merging all 3 on the top following the same line from the side of the car.

We can tell this car will have a lot of people talking and hopefully soon we have more details of this car, including some interior shots. Stay tuned for more!

Written by Erick Uceda

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  1. Ainnem Agon

    The new facelifted Cerato/Forte/K3 has leaked!!

    • Erick

      Yes, we got some pictures before but didn’t have enough time to upload. They should be up soon, including the K7

    • Nick

      Could the headlights be any bigger? What the heck?

      • bd

        Basically aligning with the headlights on the cee’d/Pro_cee’d (but not as well done).

        There have been inklings that the the Forte and cee’d will be merged into one model.

        Let’s just hope that the replacement follows the Novo concept – albeit that design is almost too good to waste on a FWD compact.

        • Nick

          It looks like they took the Kia Sedona headlight/grill combo and pasted it here lol. It works on the Sedona, not so much here.

  2. ch2856

    EQ900 is for the Korean market only right? others it’s G90?

    • Erick

      That’s correct, for Korea Market it’ll be EQ900 and for Global market G90.

      • ch2856

        Thanks for clarifying that.

        • Erick


  3. Nick

    The front end is going to take some getting used to, maybe some better pictures will do it. The rear 3/4th view though is a beauty.

  4. Gavin O'Connor

    At first sight on the 3rd photo of Eq900 facing the parking grill, I really thought it was a joke, “What’s that S Class doing in this article?” I had to look closely to notice the Genesis emblem… lol Had the same effect with the front face, but less, it made me think of a Audi.
    I personally think that the car looks great, but can hear the European critics “bo, this is a Audi, or Merco…” “Nice but, copied”. I get it already with the Equus 2012 in Belgium, but with a different remark ” Is this the new Maybach, sir?”
    What I liked the most on the previous Equus, is the side lines that link almost in the middle of the door panels, but not the new GERMAN straight line from hood to tale…
    But this my point of view, lol

    But I still think it’s a very nice looking longuer car, and can’t wait to see more of it 😉

    • Samuel Kim

      So does Aston martin Fusion, Mercedes AMG GT rear Porsche 911, Ford Edge Santa Fe grille, etc welcome to reality silly boy.

  5. Guest

    Those rearlights Hyundai has got from(concept what they released in 2002)Hyundai was first not Jaguar,jaguar got those lights since 2008,Mercedes copied those lights from Nissan Teana 2002-people search more and you find how much for example Mercedes has copied from others.

  6. mladen

    Picture – Genesis EQ900



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