Azera or G70? which one will come first? [UPDATED]

by Jan 28, 2016Genesis, Hyundai, Spy Shots10 comments

The Hyundai Azera or Genesis G70? we dont know for fact which car it isbut we do know both models are due and should be ready to be seen by everyone. Could be the Azera hoping to gather more sales or the G70 ready to hit Genesis lineup but more interesting, the anxious wait for the new Genesis Coupe might soon be over?

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]We recently showed you some spy pictures of the Hyundai Azera, doing some testing in a facility. Now we have these pictures, spotting this model on the typical underground parking lot.

Looking at the pictures, its seems to be same models. They have the same characteristics like the front grill and fog lights. This time we are getting a closer look and check out some small details.

At the headlights, we are not sure if it’s a dual projector or just a single projector with reflector, similar to the G80. At the bottom we notice a small gray piece that sticks a little bit out, maybe similar to the G90.

At the back we see the regular chrome exhaust tips but not much can be seeing with this picture. The samething with the tailights, it almost impossible to see it. The samething with the interior it’s just too hard to tell anything.

As the time goes, I’m sure we’ll be able to see more pictures of this car soon.


Here are some sketches with outlines that represents what the G70 or Azera might look like at the end, enjoy!

Written by Erick Uceda

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  1. Phil

    That front fascia has me thinking they may be making the Azera into an ES of sorts for the Genesis brand. This might even be the G70?

    • Erick

      Yes, there is a high chance this could be the G70. The only thing I want to know after this is, what is the G70 coupe/Genesis Coupe gonna look like?

      • Sam

        With how much excitement Peter Schreyer talked about the G70 during the G90 release, I’m looking forward to the sporty sedan as well.

      • mas921

        ur 1st article, last rear quarter shot, no rear diff beneath the car -> looks like FWD; hence azera :p

    • Luke

      I suppose they could, but that seems like it might be a mistake to me. Competing in the C-segment executive market–the class of the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, etc.–is hugely important, for both sales and prestige. Unless they release a just a C-segment G60 coupe to compete with the BMW M4–which I don’t think is in the plan of 3 sedans, 2 crossovers, and a coupe–the Azera will continue on with Hyundai.

      I think a bigger problem for Hyundai will be differentiating their styling from Genesis. Right now, both have a refined, subtle look with a 6-point grille. I think they’d be much better off with Hyundai returning to the Fluidic Sculpture language. It was much more distinctive and fun; Genesis can retain their more conservative styling to appease conservative luxury shoppers.

      • Erick

        So far all new models are coming with Fluidic Sculpture but 2.0, unless you meant the first Fluidic Sculpture.

        • Luke

          Yes, I meant the original. I know that it didn’t sell all that well in South Korea, but that market is open to imports now, and they can’t count on it to carry them into the future. Everywhere else, people lamented the retrenchment back into a more conservative design language, and the previous Sonata–which ushered in the first Fluidic Sculpture–remains memorable looking, whereas the current one is almost unrecognizable.

          As I said, especially to make more room for Genesis, but also to regain its place as a mainstream design leader, Hyundai should return to the first Fluidic Sculpture language

          • Erick

            It could be a solution but I doubt they will go backwards on design, I’m sure Peter Schreyer is already working on a new design to differentiate between the brands. It’s just matter of time until Hyundai comes with something new, since Genesis is sticking with the 2.0.

  2. Darius Davis

    This is the next Azera. The dash to axle is very short and the car is standing taller and just as wide as the G80 it’s parked to in the photo.

  3. Denis Rousseau

    Peter Schreyer have big works at the new Genesis division to do before is retirement in 2-3 years (63 yo)
    Maybe Luc Donckerwolke will finish the big job or polish the shit at max!



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