Render: The 6th generation Hyundai Grandeur

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After we saw a test mule and several spy shots with its final body, the next gen Hyundai Grandeur will be revealed at the end of the year and before that, we want to share with you this renders courtesy of Brenthon.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Why we think this could be true? Brenthon is a company who made some aftermarket parts for Hyundai or Kia models, so sometimes they have access to see how the future models what will look to prepare they parts, and that’s why we decided to share here.

Looking at the pictures, its seems to follow what we have seen on the latest Hyundai & Genesis models. My point of view is that Hyundai could be in problems if doesn’t separate both brand design styles in the near future. They have the same characteristics like the hexagonal front grill and fog lights. At the back we see the regular chrome exhaust tips and Grandeur’s taillights signature. 

About engine line-up, a new 8-speed automatic transmission will be available at launch besides a choice of gasoline direct injection and diesel engines (initiating its landing into the European market), plus small turbo engines. In the diesel side, improved 2.2 CRDi R-Engine with 200 hp could be a start. Petrol line-up could be available with 3.0, 3.3 and 3.8 GDi engines, like with the K7 (Cadenza).

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  1. Denis Rousseau

    IIHS is studying cars front light driving ligth so the result is devastation, 2016 Sonata and Optima among the worst! And soon lighting will count on IIHS safety rating ! Only the Toyota Prius V have very good lighting system!

  2. Phil

    So I’m guessing based on the design the Grandeur/Azera is making the leap over to Genesis as their take on the ES segment? Might not be a bad idea considering the Azera never gained any significant ground as a Hyundai model. The render looks sharp btw.

    • bd

      Hyundai already has an ES competitor in the Aslan and the Genesis lineup will be restricted to RWD/AWD.

      This design (if accurate) is too good for the Azera and should be for the next gen G80.

      • Phil

        Hyundai won’t compete with the ES though, Genesis will. Unless they plan on bringing the Aslan into the Genesis lineup I’m not sure how they can position themselves to compete with the ES under the Hyundai badge. Avalon maybe, ES no.

        I agree, was thinking the same thing. With the exception of the rear end which is almost a signature of sorts for the Azera, the rest of it would fit nicely on a next gen G80. Would provide a nice median design wise between the new G90 and upcoming G70.

        • bd

          Hyundai has no intentions of competing with the ES with the Genesis brand – they are not interested in selling “tarted up” FWD Hyundais like Toyota does with Lexus.

          • Phil

            Sure, but if (considering this is hypothetical) this truly is the new Azera, why cannibalize Genesis sales with a product that looks like it belongs in the lineup?

            Whether or not the ES is a tarted up FWD Toyota Camry/Avalon, it still sells for Lexus. If Genesis brought in a competitor at the lower price point that looked remotely like said render they could do damage to ES sales. In the past three months alone, the ES has moved 13,018 units in the US.

          • bd

            B/c Hyundai doesn’t want to dilute the Genesis brand by including “tarted up” Hyundai-based FWD models.

            And in other markets (such as Canada, Australia) – the Genesis outsells both the ES and GS.

            Now, I agree that this design (if accurate) is more suited to the next G80 than the next Azera).

          • Phil

            We can’t conclusively determine that the G80 does considering Hyundai does not provide the breakdown between coupe and sedan numbers. Even then, the Lexus moved 2305 units in 2015 in Canada, and 390 GS. The Genesis with both models combined moved 2406. Even if one considers a 75/25 break down in favour of the sedan it was still outsold by the ES.

            What I’m saying is, there’s no harm in giving options. Look no further than BMW/Mercedes with their convoluted lineups. While I agree they shouldn’t dilute the brand with FWD options, there’s clearly a demand for it.

          • bd

            Again, Hyundai does not want to play the cheaper/FWD game when it comes to its luxury lineup.

            Hyundai has posted yearly sales of the Genesis sedan in the past and this past month, also listed the sales of the sedan separate from the coupe (3,197 vs. 3,762 combined).

            And Hyundai in Canada has always broken down sales between the sedan and coupe.

            The 2,406 figure is for the Genesis sedan only.

            The coupe sold 1,029 in Canada last year for a total of 3,435.

            Aside from not “cheapening” its luxury lineup with FWD, Hyundai has no need for it as it will cover a variety of sedan sizes in the luxury market with Kia.

            The forthcoming G70 will be on the larger side of the compact luxury sedan market (probably being similar in size to the Infiniti Q50) and Kia is finishing the last leg of development on its 2nd luxury sedan (which will likely slot between the G70 and Genesis/G80 in size) with the K900 already slotting between the Genesis/G80 and Equus/G90 in size.

            There is no need for another sedan, much less a FWD sedan.

            If anything, Hyundai should plan on adding a 3rd crossover to its planned 2 luxury crossover lineup.

  3. Denis Rousseau

    Front wheel drive car equivalent to Toyota Avalon nothing else, please dont compare it to BMW or MercBenz or Audi or Lexus or Infinity and it is not a Genesis.
    Genesis is still not at the level of Acura best model!
    At best i compare this Grandeur/Azera2016 like an old 2007 Acura TL or Toyota Avalon 2016. Poor selling in canada stopped sale in 2006 for AZERA no market for this car back then in Canada. Lots of work to do if they want to push this car in Genesis lineup!

    The Aslan is for the asia market , they have to redo this car asap for the us/world market


    • bd

      Genesis has already surpassed Acura’s sedans (not even close).

      • Denis Rousseau

        BUT why Hyundai and Genesis car depreciate as bad as a cheap Chrisler-Dodge product ? In my place in Canada, Honda/Acura have one of the best or the best resale value in the used market!!! Maybe bcuz their cars are very good products!
        I got 2 Hyundai myself and allways have Hyundai in my driveway but when time to change or selling the car, i’m always surprise to know that my car don’t worth so much money after 3-4 years they depreciate very fast, much more than Honda-Acura or Toyota-Lexus or any japanease luxury brand!

        The look don’t tell if it is a durable good. Yes Hyundai Kia and Genesis look very very good but, worth nothing on the used market cars!

        HKAG cars are very low in buyers and reseller opinions! And you pay quite high price for a car that depreciate a lot more than a Toy or Honda.

        The problem is there! And at my personal advice of owning 2 Hyundai cars a very reliable 2007 accent and a very comfy and pleasent to drive 2015 Sonata Hybrid with lots of goodies, love both cars very much!

        And dont know why they depreciate sooo much!

        • Jake

          Resale is something that will gradually improve. Yes, Hyundai/Genesis have definitely turned around overall product and design at an exponential rate, but they still very much maintain the stigma of a “value brand”. Furthermore, durability is still a weak point (I mean you have to cut costs somewhere to attain the lower overall price) and something that must improve over time if they are too gain any major traction.

          • Denis Rousseau

            That’s why for me Acura is better and if only hyundai did have a superior AWD like the SH AWD of Acura or Audi Quattro system but not yet they(hyundai) have lots of pie to eat!

          • bd

            Hyundai has its H-TRAC AWD system which is also a fully variable system.

            Many Acura buyers had no interest in the SH-AWD (too costly) – which is why Honda replaced the SH-AWD system with a simpler and cheaper system in the RDX – and why Honda also started to offer the MDX in FWD form, which is exactly why Acura gets little cred when it comes to luxury sedans at the higher end or the performance end of the luxury market (which demands RWD or a longitudinal/AWD set-up).

          • Denis Rousseau

            But in Canada the G80 come ONLY with H-Trac AWD as the Acura TL back then with the SH-AWD very very effective but costly. You cannot buy a new G80 without AWD no rear drive option, it come standard maybe bcuz of harsh winter! American market is very different thus!

            in canada, all the BMW ix, Audi Quattro MercBenz 4Matic Volvo Xc and Subaru’s are very very common and popular on road, AWD is big sellers in canada.
            The new acura awd is BullShit! The consumer have a reason not to buy this crap awd!

        • bd

          In the US, resale for Hyundais is pretty good (not Honda level yet, but Nissan-level) and Hyundai CPO sales are growing.

          But Hyundai offers greater discounts on their models compared to Honda and residual value is based off on MSRP and not ATP.

          Nonetheless, the RLX for Acura is not even on life support, and the new G90 will outsell the RLX by multiples notwithstanding its higher price-point.

          Along the same lines, Honda has repositioned its sedan lineup – making it less expensive; going from the TSX and TL to the ILX and TLX (the TL used to compete in price against the Genesis, but the TLX is a good bit cheaper).

          Each successive Genesis model is increasing in price, but for Acura – they went the other way.

          Furthermore, the Genesis/G80 and Equus/G90 are included in comparisons against the likes of the CTS and GS, much less the German flagships (as in the case of the Equus).

          We don’t see that with the TLX and RLX and the ILX is most commonly compared to the Buick Verano.

          Even w/o a luxury badge, the Hyundai luxury sedan lineup was priced higher than Acura’s and now that it is being spun off into the Genesis brand, the difference will only grow.

    • Jake

      Haven’t passed Acura? Who hasn’t passed Acura at this juncture? If this render is even remotely accurate, they’ll have produced a better looking car than any current Acura sedan on the road right now. They might not have passed the Germans or maybe even Lexus, but they most definitely have overtaken the remaining Japanese luxury marques.

      Don’t let “popular” opinion cloud your judgement.

    • Samuel Kim

      You forget an Acura its that a Honda… not a Porsche not a McLaren. Wake up! its a cheap Honda!

      • Denis Rousseau

        Calm down i dont like Honda either!

        BUT Honda/Acura in Canada have THE better used car value!
        Hyundai will not sell the Grandeur/Asera in Canada because of poor sales something like 20-30 Grandeur cars a year! Mentalities are different in Canada! In Canada this car will los more than half his value in less than 2 years.


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