Kia GT out in the wild again [UPDATE]

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Last time we saw the Kia GT been towed and taken somewhere but this time we see the GT on action, but with traffic

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]We are trying to learn more and more from this new Kia model but unfortunately there are still some missing puzzle pieces for this one. We haven’t heard the real name of this model yet but we understand this model will fit between the K900 and Cadenza, so we can assume this model will be called K8 in Korea, now following the pattern Kia has giving us so far, more than likely it’ll have different names depending on their markets.

Let’s talk about what we see in these pictures, which unfortunately isn’t much besides the tailights. These have a complete new design in a triangle with a 145 degree and with a curve on the top to shape up the trunk lid, and of course the third brake light closer to the roof.

We are getting reports this model will be sold globally not just for certain markets, so all car enthusiast can expect this car on their showrooms. With that said, let talk about engines and I know what you guys are thinking, 3.3TT!!
Yes, we are hearing more and more about this engine that could possibly be on this ride but besides that engine, what other engines would you guys like to see on this model? Let us know in the comments below!

Unfortunately no front end pictures yet but as soon as we see more we’ll post them. Enjoy the pictures!


Thanks to our reader yannick, we get more pictures from the front, back and side, what do you guys think?

Photo credit :[Indianautoblog]

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