Kia K2 2017 leaked

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Kia K2 is the China and Russian version similar to the Kia Rio. We received these leaked images before its debut.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:6px;”]The Kia Rio was showed at the Paris Motor Show last week but they only showed us the hatchback version and there were no signs of the sedan model, we are not sure if there will even be a sedan model but we will keep an eye for it.

Thanks to a tip we received we get these pictures of what seems to be the 2017 Kia K2(model based on the Rio) which is a model for the China and Russian Market. We have some exterior and interior pictures, so let’s take a look at them.

At the front we see a very similar headlights to the previous model but the tiger nose grill is now a bit smaller. One big change is the bottom section of the front bumper, where there is a new design with more aggressive fog lights section with fog and DRL lights placed on the the top, right now next to each other. The hood remains the same but the fenders are now missing the badge for a clean side.

At the back we find more changes that defiantly improve of the look for this new K2. We have a new design for the taillights, which reminds me of the new Kia Sportage with the red reflect between the taillights. Inside the taillights we see 2 led lines with L shape with the brake lights next to it and at the bottom the turn signal as well as the reverse light. At the rear bumper, the valance panel is where now the license plate will be found including the rear fog brake lights on the sides.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:6px;”]Now lets talk about that interior, which is were some great changes were done. Across the dashboard we have a glossy black line, starting at the right side of driver’s a/c vent, stopping at the cluster but continuing throughout the passenger’s a/c vent. In top of the trim we find the a/c vents and below it we have the navigation system, nothing like the tablet look alike Rio version, but we might now see Android Auto and Apple Carplay option on it. Below the navigation we find the a/c controls with a very similar design as the new Kia Rio. The seats seems to have the same design but now with this beautiful tan leather upholstery, also found at the door to match with the seats.

No doubt there are a big improvements on the new K2 and we feel, at least on interior, is superior compare the new Rio. As soon as we have more details, well keep you posted.






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