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Kia All new Picanto without Camouflage



all new picanto

Yesterday Kia Motors showed us the render of the 3rd Generation Kia all new Picanto but somehow someone spotted the all new Picanto without any camouflage, let take a look.

We dont know why the all new Picanto is all without its camouflage before its presentation but we can all assume is for some video shooting or for pomotion but someone was quick and snap 2 pictures of the Picanto.

The Picanto came out in 2004 and over the world it was also know as Morning, new morning, Eurostar. Its aim to those market where cities are crowded with cars, where parking spots are hard to find and fuel economy is a must.

Today this Kia Picanto is not only about getting to your destination but also doing it in style, and the changes done to the new Picanto are accomplishing that.

all new picanto

We’ll come to know more about the specificiations when Kia presents the model and we’ll keep an eye on those.

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