SUV Coupe Battle: Hyundai Santa Fe or Kia Sorento?

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Hyundai Kia

During this month we have seen two proposes of how Hyundai & Kia famous SUVs, Santa Fe and Sorento, could look if both brands decided to build a SUV Coupe.[ads id=”9″]

At first, thanks to our friend Kksstudio who made a great render of how a production version of a Santa Fe coupe may look, that generates a very good feedback and comments (see picture below).

Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe

Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe Render by Kksstudio

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Then a Instagram user, Ascarissdesign, made a very good and close to reality/production render of a Kia Sorento Coupe using a similar rear tailight that we have seen on the Proceed. This is a segment that were reserved for premium brands, with the BMW as the first one to sell a SUV coupe, with the X6, and now also with the X4, could have new competitors for the masses.

Kia Sorento Coupe

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BMW was followed by Mercedes who be “inspired”  from the bavarian carmaker to launch the GLE Coupe & GLC Coupe, and now by Audi with the Q8. Porsche is also working on have its own Cayenne Coupe, and for the first time, a non-premium brand like Renault will have its first SUV-coupe model with the Arkana.

Which design you prefer? Would you buy a Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe or a Kia Sorento Coupe? Have Hyundai or Kia this models planned on its product schedule? Could be succesful? Place your bets!

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