Hyundai Motor Kicks Out New 1.6 Turbo & 2.5 GDi Engines

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hyundai motor kicks out new engines (2)

Hyundai Motor & Kia Motors will host the “2018 Hyundai-Kia International Powertrain Conference” on the 23rd and 24th at the Hwaseong Rolling Hills Hotel in Gyeonggi-do, where is displaying two new engines that will be added to new models early next year.[ads id=”9″]

The Powertrain conference, which was organized under the theme of ‘Internal Combustion and Transportation: Maximizing Consumer Value’, is designed to introduce Hyundai Motor & Kia’s next generation powertrain and share cutting-edge technology information with experts from around the world.

In particular, Hyundai & Kia presented its new engines under the new Smart Stream family. One is already know, an evolution of the 1.6-litre Turbo GDi engine, and a new 2.5-litre GDi, which will be applied sequentially from the first half of next year. This is the  engine that will motorize the next-gen Genesis G80, that thanks to the Turbo will reach 300 hp.

The 1.6 T-GDi engine has a maximum output of 180 horsepower (ps) and a maximum torque of 265 Nm. Continuous Variable Valve Duration (CVVD) technology and low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system (Low Pressure EGR) are applied in order to perform fuel economy and emissions.

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The NA 2.5 GDi engine has a maximum output of 194 horsepower (ps) and a maximum torque of 246 Nm and gained fuel economy competitiveness through an optimized fuel injection system, temperature control system, new friction reducing technology and dual fuel injection system. A Turbo variant using this base engine will reach 300 hp.

“This International Powertrain Conference is a meaningful place to introduce new engines to related companies and academia,” said Hyundai Motor & Kia Motors official. “In the future, the International Powertrain Conference will address industry concerns for sustainable growth and future competitiveness in the automotive industry. I hope that it will become a stepping stone of technological innovation. ” 

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