Kia Previews K7 Facelift on Sketches

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kia k7 facelift sketches (2)

Kia Motors unveiled the internal and external rendering images of its K7 face lift model ‘K7 PREMIER’, which is expected to achieve best-in-class merchantability through new car changes.

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Named ‘K7 PREMIER’ with the intention of reviving the K7 as the best semi-large sedan in Korea by presenting the first new and advanced technology in Korea through this K7 face lift.

From the first model release in 2009 to the present model, K7 introduced innovative design such as surface light emitting LED light, intaglio radiator grill, Z-line LED taillight, It has become a model symbolizing the design competitiveness of automobiles.

Firstly, the exterior is designed with a bold form and finished with a luxurious and original design, which emphasizes the features of the existing model even more dramatically and completes a dignified and elegant design through a combination of lines.

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The front part further enlarges the size of the Intaglio grille, which is the biggest feature of the second generation model, and the inside of the grill has a thick vertical bar that emphasizes strength and stability to create a more bold and luxurious image.

In addition, the symbolic Z-Line LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) from K7 has been changed from the rim of the radiator grille to the bottom of the headlamp.

The rear part has a long bar-shaped lighting design that is connected to the left and right rear lamps across the vehicle body, resulting in a wider and more stable image. Especially, the Z-Line LED lamp, it is connected to the ingenious lighting in a shape that gradually gets shorter at intervals in the bar across the left and right, and expresses a dynamic feeling in style.

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K7 PREMIER ‘s interior has inherited the advantages of the existing model, and based on the clean horizontal layout, it has aimed at a’ high quality space ‘in which a variety of convenience materials of high – tech materials and advanced technology harmonize with aesthetically and functionally.

We improved the alignment of the lines naturally from the driver’s door to the cluster (instrument panel), center fascia and passenger seat, emphasizing a stable feeling and a wide openness. In the main part, wood grain and chrome metal material It is a combination of high-class luxury sedan.

In addition, large-sized AVN monitors and taps are designed to be wide and sleek, and the placement of various buttons is optimized to greatly enhance the convenience of the driver.

Kia Motors plans to enter into a pre-contract for ‘K7 PREMIER’ during this month, which will create a new wind in the market for domestic luxury sedans.

Kia Motors official said, “Although K7 PREMIER to be launched soon is a face lift model, we are confident that it will be equipped with the newest specifications at the level of full new car, I will reveal my presence. “

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