What Does The Kia Stinger Needs For Next-Gen?

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kia concept car

The Kia Stinger facelift is running around doing its test drive and getting ready for a reveal but are we still getting a second generation of the Stinger? What does the consumer needs and manufacture can provide to raise the sales of the Stinger to keep this model alive?

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Following a report by Autoevolution, back in 2017 – 2018 the designer Serkan Budur made a Kia two-door coupe concept possibly based on the Stinger GT that might be what the Stinger needs to revamp sales or work on its second generation. Serkan Budur were working at Kia during an internship.

The following pictures can be found at Serkan_Budur Instagram account where you’ll find multiple angles of the concept, as we mentioned before these concept images were probably done based on the Stinger GT and not the GT4 which was originally design by Peter Schreyer back in 2014 revealed at Detroit Autoshow.

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Back in 2018 in a CarAdvice’s interview to Peter Schreyer, he mentioned about a possibility for a 2 door coupe ev.

“I don’t know if a performance coupe is something that is [good]… we have Stinger, which is a four-door coupe… I don’t know if a two-door really makes sense. It may make sense if it were an EV, an emotional electric car…”

“… We still can be very emotional, but a performance coupe, I’m not sure if it’s at this time the right thing to do. If we would make Stinger with two doors, it would be easy, but how much market share would it have? That’s the question…”

Currently we know Hyundai Motor Group made big investments into the electric hypercar maker Rimac and the IONITY fast-charge network. All of this is will help Hyundai Motor Group to increase their EV line-up as has been reported previously.

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Albert Bierman already mentioned that the N Performance group is already working in this division.

“We are already working on electrified prototype cars,” Biermann told Roadshow at Hyundai’s R&D headquarters in Namyang, South Korea. The hard part, he says, is “how to transfer the craziness of N into electrification.”

Biermann says the N division is “working already on some ideas and concept cars,” the latter of which will preview performance-minded takes on electrified architecture. “We have everything available,” Biermann notes, saying N can pull from the greater hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full-electric knowledge and resources from the Hyundai Motor Group portfolio.

I believe the first concept model that came out of that was the Veloster N ETCR

Could we see the return of the Kia Stinger in a 2 door EV version ? We know they have all tools they need for said car but would it makes senses for Hyundai Motor Group to add a third EV sport model into the equation? Only time will tell if we are gonna see an EV Sport model i wouldn’t mind in the form of the Iconic, long time sport model coming, Kia Stinger but are consumers ready for one under the KIA badge?

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  1. vbondjr1

    There is NO reason why this should be an EV. However, I do see a market for a two door and 4-door variant of the stinger. Look at cars like the Mercedes Benz AMG S63 coupe/sedan and the BMW 8-series coupe/8-series Gran Coupe. A stinger coupe would not only present a competitor to those cars, but also to cars like the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger along with the Lexus LC500, Lexus GSF, Infiniti Q60 and Q70. A mid-size coupe would be exactly what Kia needs to add to the Stinger lineup with the 3.5L 395hp V6 as a mid-grade engine option with a 4.0L Tau Gen-2 Twin-Turbo V8 under the hood pushing 540hp. Mate the engine to a 10-speed automatic, give it a performance all-wheel drive system, Brembo brakes, fastback styling with a lift back trunk, staggered 20″ wheels, revised interior, a revised front end to join in with the rest of the Kia design language, Aero upgrades, rear spoiler, LED taillamps and things like that. There should be a hybrid 3.5L V6 with a 10-speed pushing 425hp/500+tq with AWD and performance suspension and everything else as well to slot under the 4.0 Twin turbo V8 with a 2.0L Turbo at the base of the lineup. Honestly it’d be cool to have a Stinger performance family of vehicles with a coupe, a sedan and a performance crossover. That should be how the Stinger lineup should work. Just like how Genesis branched from Hyundai as the Luxury Line, Stinger should branch as the Performance line and the K900 should branch as the Kia luxury line with new models besides the K900. K800 being a RWD platform Cadenza or Genesis G80 sister car and then a midsize SUV KS800 and large SUV KS900.

  2. Maykel

    My bet, SUV coupe. Production version of imagine concept.

  3. Mike-L

    It needs a better looking back end. That’s what keeps me far away from it. More interior space for us larger than average folks would help. And far more power. Most importantly, they need to stop screwing with the aftermarket. Kia is always looking for things to void the warranty. That doesn’t work. If you’re releasing a turbo vehicle, just accept that it’s going to be tuned and embrace it. Don’t try to screw people over.

  4. Will Yang

    very nice


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