Hyundai Midship Test Mule Spied, to Have 2.3-liter Turbo +80 hp Electric Motor

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Today we were surprised by the picture of a car spotted in South Korea towed by a truck. The car is like a Veloster N, and has the “MR23T” letterhead on the side and back of the car together with “N” badge and side air intakes. MR means Mid-Engine/Rear-Wheel Drive car.

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What we know so far?

In a concept form, the Hyundai Midship was developed using a Veloster Turbo as a base but with only three doors. In 2012, Hyundai embarked on a project called RM (Racing Midship) to develop and connect new high-performance motorsports technologies with future N models.

Since the initiation of project RM and via evolution of the RM series (RM14, RM15 and RM16), RM models underwent extensive road testing to validate newly-developed technologies, observe their effects on performance, and improve them for subsequent application on future N models.

The latest iteraction of this RM models were the RM19, a second-gen Veloster that Hyundai presented at Los Angeles Auto Show on November 2019. “The RM platform is a versatile engineering testbed, allowing effective evaluation of various powertrains and performance levels, all on normal roads and environments,” said Albert Biermann, head of global research and development for Hyundai Motor Company.

“Throughout the evolution of the RM series, our engineers have gained tremendous hands-on knowledge of high performance vehicle dynamics with various front-to-rear weight distributions coupled with the effects of a fully-weighted, high-strength body structure on vehicle performance.” he added.

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We have asked our sources in order to get an answer of what this spotted car could be, and we have received some interesting information like that this car has a 2.3 Turbo GDi engine with unknown power, but is also has an electric motor that will give an extra 80 hp to the total power, and then we noticed what Hyundai said at the RM19 press release.

“In addition to the gasoline version, state-of-the-art electrified powertrains could provide clean, yet thrilling propulsion for the RM19. As Hyundai boasts an industry-leading variety of electrified propulsion, including production HEV, PHEV, BEV and FCEV powertrains, various types of electrified powertrains are available for testing a high-performance electric sports car.”

Also our sources said that the MR23T is closer to production than ever and could turn into a bespoke N-performance brand halo car, but they’re pretty clear, and said the final design will be totally different, nothing related to Veloster. As soon as we get more details, we’ll be sure to keep you guys posted. Let us know what you think about this Hyundai MR car.

Written by loubeat

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  1. vbondjr1

    Can I ask a serious question here? Why are companies spending money on these pointless mid-engine cars when the average public is looking for vehicles that have room and versatility? I’m not just talking about SUVs here, I’m talking about vehicles that actually make sense. I look at Ford with their GT and GT500 and even the GT350, Chevy with the New corvette and ZL1 Camaro, and other ultra high performance vehicles that are absolutely pointless cars that companies spend too much money on. 90% of the auto industry isn’t interested in some track star car. Most cars within the 400hp-500hp are more than enough for the population of people who are really looking for a performance vehicle range where anything above that should be just an add on package available through whatever manufacture has that kind of performance available. I’m a huge fan of high performance cars but the money manufacturers waste on these vehicles that only 1% of the small percent of high performance vehicle owners buy is absolutely asinine. If your going to put money into engineering something, why not put it into what people want. Vehicles that are more than just a one trick pony. We all like performance, but we need room to go along with it.

    • Divad Noodeldehm

      I love high performance vehicles. I’ve bought many of them. You should too. And take them to a real race track, like Willow Springs, Barber International, or VIR. It’s not a waste, it’s a very fun, joyful hobby. BTW the C7 is great 🙂

    • jasmaz16

      You must be fun at parties

  2. Bob Goudreau

    Wow, a mini Corvette C8.

  3. Divad Noodeldehm

    Boy I hope this thing comes with a manual. And an air-oil cooler, and air-transaxle cooler. Brake ducting everywhere. And a passenger cell capable of protecting against racetrack as well as road impacts. And oh hey, a tire/wheel package that has at least 3 inches of sidewall. This low profile tire fad is driving me nuts. It’s the herd-driven aesthetics and it’s bass ackwards. My C7Z06 has eaten 7! wheels in 40k miles. An extra inch of tire would have this being…0 wheels. Also you get better ride quality, lighter wheels, cheaper tires, and compliance when going over curbing, particularly big gators like FIA curbing. So then Hyundai, that’ll be a 6 speed manual and tire sizes of 245 40 R18 and 305 40 R18 thank you very much. Please go against the herd and give us manual and lots of tire sidewall.

  4. Amiskka

    I hope they come out with a version without an electric motor, because electric motor even though it would help burst the vehicle up to speed at low revs. I’d rather have lower weight on the vehicle, or used that extra space left over for a bigger engine like twin turbo v6.

  5. disqus_6VWOvIAZzr

    Copy/pasted from the other MR comments. Sorry.

    If this catches on in the States, it’ll be with people LS/LT swapping it, used. I don’t see how turbo’d/electrified gets offered at desirable prices here. I don’t know how dictated appliance engineering attracts demand.

    Enthusiasts’ rides are better as more visceral, and should be fire-walled away from the strident co2 lobby. I wish S. Korea would exempt them from displacement regulations. A CVVT dual-cam in block 4.9-5.6L v8 & 4.1L v6, with both quick synchro sticks and dct, would be a perfect foundation.



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