Report Says Kia Stinger Facelift to Have Over 400 hp

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kia stinger facelift spied with bigger exhaust
kia stinger facelift spied with bigger exhaust

After we have seen the latest changes on Kia Motors’ representative sports sedan, ‘Stinger GT’, such as the bigger exhaust pipes, a new report from Reuters says the facelifted model will arrive as we have advanced, in July, with over 400 hp under the hood.

Reuters reported that Kia Motors Stinger GT, which debuted in May 2017, is preparing to return in the second half of this year as a vehicle that significantly improves vehicle performance, design, and interior after just three years since were released.

Stinger is known to have gained considerable enthusiasts both domestically and internationally because of its bold design and the characteristics of a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan.

In particular, when Stinger first appeared, the 0-100 km/h k of the 3.3-liter GT model (time when the car stopped and the instrument panel reached 100km/h) recorded 4.9 seconds, which was the first among domestic cars to break the ‘5-second wall’.

One of the features of the new Stinger GT is that it can significantly enhance the output than the existing vehicle. Considering that Stinger’s existing 3.3T GT model has a maximum output of 370 horsepower and a maximum torque of 52.0 kg.m, the new Stinger model to be released in the second half of this year is expected to have a minimum output of over 400 horsepower, using an all-new 3.5-liter Turbo.

Reuters also explained that the 2021 model reached 400 horsepower and had driving performance comparable to that of the German automaker Mercedes-Benz ‘high-performance sedan’ AMG C43 ‘.

In addition, the new Stinger GT is equipped with an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) equipped with ‘dynamic banding light’ that adjusts the headlight angle to the left and right according to the movement of the steering wheel (steering wheel), assisting on highway driving, preventing lane departure, and preventing front collisions. It is planned to maximize the convenience of the driver by mounting it.

Written by Jose Antonio López

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  1. vbondjr1

    Finally, some good news from a car company. The stinger is hands down the best car Kia has ever made. I think this and the K900 should get a 400+hp engine as both cars are truly premium offerings from Kia. I like the mercedes inspired interior but needs updating. Main thing is I was hoping that the car would get more inspiration from the new K5 Optima in the front.

  2. Archknight77

    See posts above.

  3. Mohankeneh

    as much as i love the stinger, i dont think it should get this engine. or at least a detuned 3.5TT. genesis needs to be more exclusive. every time genesis gets something super cool, a hyundai/kia vehicle gets the exact same feature/component. i love all 3 companies the most out of the rest of the car companies. we will see what happens in the future

    • Darius Davis

      This 3.5TT needs to go into every single RWD Kia/Genesis first and foremost because of the fuel efficiency gains. Remember Kia and Hyundai/Genesis are in competition with each other. Anything goes. And this should very well get 400 hp vs the 375 hp in the G80 since the Stinger GT is the sport model and the G80 3.5TT is the standard mid level version.

    • bd0007

      Models like the Stinger and K9/K900 (and the Mohave) are part of Kia’s luxury lineup.

      There is no Infiniti (or Acura) in Japan – Infiniti models sold in Japan are sold as Nissans (or even as rebadged Mitsus).

      Toyota has a separate luxury lineup in Japan (Crown, Century) and for years, Lexus models were also sold as Toyotas.

  4. Archknight77

    I’m not sure if the group will allow KIA to get its hands on the 3.5TT considering they aren’t even sure a second generation of the car will exist. Everything else is speculation when it comes to the Stinger as the 3.3TT isn’t out of production. With KIA seemingly unable to sell cars in the higher margins with great success they probably won’t bother overreaching with this refresh.

    • jtz

      What doesn’t make sense is why are they so concerned about a 2nd generation Stinger when the K9 sold even worse and still gave that a redesign. Besides the Stinger is selling a lot better than the K900. If anything have a Stinher Crossover like the Mustang is getting.

      • gor134

        AND it’s selling WAYYY better than the Cadenza in the US.

        The Stinger outsold the Cadenza 13:1 in the US last year, and outsold the K900 which was brand new launched 42:1

    • Kevin Higginson

      In UK, the smaller cars and the SUVs are very popular, as are the Hyundai equivalents. Big cars will always suffer from badge snobbery in UK. The Stinger looks amazing as a BMW 4 series Gran Coupe challenger but it can’t persuade people away from 3 series. The Optima/K5 is being dropped in Europe. This is a shame as the quality of both this and the i40 are far above any of the equivalent prices German premiums.

    • bd0007

      H/K co-develop the engines and platforms and would be Hyundai’s interest to see as good of ROI as they can get by including the new engines in every suitable model.



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