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Watch the Livestream: A conversation with Mark Wilkins


We are starting a new live stream series via Instagram, this will be a conversation with different people to get to know them more. The first live stream will be with Mark Wilkins, 2019 IMPC TCR Winner on Wednesday 6th May at 6:00pm US CST (1:00am CET) on our Instagram account @koreancarblog. Discover more interviews to come after the jump.

We are living hard times during this outbreak COVID-19 and a lot of people are working from home and unfortunately a lot of people are also unemployed.

Hopefully with this small conversations you can join us to get to know our guest and have fun with some questions from us and some from picked from our followers.

Mark Wilkins – Wednesday 6th May at 6:00pm CST


Mason Filippi – Friday 8th May at 6:00pm CST

Mason Filipi

Follow us on our Instagram account and join us on this conversations.

Stsy tuned for more conversations that will be publish on our Instagram account.

Erick Uceda

Blogger, Photographer, Car Enthusiast, HanFest - KDM Car Show, Streetkiaz Texas Chapter Leader, Husband and Father. Some of the activities I enjoy doing everyday.

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