Genesis GV80 Diesel Production Halted Due to Engine Problem

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genesis gv80 diesel problem 2 qefd
genesis gv80 diesel problem 2 qefd

More problems in sight for Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury brand Genesis. While yesterday a G80 caught fire, today HMG decided to temporarily suspend the production of Genesis’ first SUV (Sport Utility Car) GV80 diesel model due to a diesel engine defect after some video claims from customers appeared in the web.

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This is because the possibility that engine vibration and noise controversy has recently increased is due to engine defects. Hyundai Motor’s executives judged that the quality controversy should be resolved first, while sales in the US, China, and other overseas markets are ahead.

On the 5th, Hyundai Motor suspended production and shipment of the diesel model of the Genesis SUV GV80. Genesis said to the buyer of the GV80 at 5:15 pm “Intermittent vibrations have been found in some vehicles of the recent GV80 diesel models.” “It’s happening.” “There is no problem with safety, but we are conducting inspections because we can feel uncomfortable,” he said to buyers of purchases.

The GV80, launched at the end of last year, is Genesis’ first SUV. In particular, Hyundai Motor’s newly developed’SmartStream I6 3.0D’ engine for high-end SUV was installed for the first time. Hyundai Motor Company focused its efforts on the development of large-sized diesel engines for high-end vehicles.

However, some of the buyers of this diesel model pointed out that the vehicle and steering were shaking enough to make the driver’s voice tremble. In the meantime, Hyundai has responded only to vehicles in question by replacing the engine at that time. However, in addition to delaying vehicle releases and improving problems, Hyundai Motor Company decided to conduct engine inspections for customers who had already delivered the vehicle.

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8000 GV80 diesel models have been sold so far. Pre-order sales amount to 10,000 units. The GV80 is also expected to launch in the US and China. In particular, it was a product aimed at targeting the high-end SUV market in the US in earnest, and it was highly anticipated inside and outside Hyundai.

In the automotive industry, Hyundai’s response is considered unusual. An automobile industry official explained, “The reason why the factory stopped producing products that had to be fully operated in the absence of the exact cause of the defect was that Hyundai Motor decided that the quality problem had to be solved.” Moreover, in a situation where overseas sales plunged due to the corona crisis, it is interpreted that the management took special measures ahead of the overseas launch of the GV80. The GV80 diesel model was not certified for emission at the time of launch, so the launch time was delayed by a month.

Under the influence of Corona 19, Hyundai Motor’s sales in May (5,600 units) in the US, the largest market, fell 12.9% compared to the same period last year (6,100 units). The decline in sales in March was 31% and in April was 39%. Genesis also sold more than 1,000 units per month in the United States, then dropped to 970 units in March and 800 units in April. In the situation where the GV80 is being put into a’save pitcher’, Hyundai Motor seems to have taken quick steps to ensure quality. The GV80 is currently under contract in the U.S. and is expected to go on sale this year. It is known that the first model will be the GV80 after entering Genesis China.

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