Another Hyundai Vehicle Burst into Flames

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After we noticed about the Genesis G80 fire incident, reportedly related with an external cause, just two days later, a new Hyundai Grandeur was completely burn-out in just one minute. Thanks to our colleagues at AutoPost we will know more about the incident as they interviewed the owner, and at this time we can say it was a vehicle defect.

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Autopost recently conducted an interview with the owner, and according to the owner’s statement, unlike the G80, there were no external factors as well as there were signs before the fire. The fire-fighting vehicle is a facelifted ‘The New Grandeur’ 2.5 gasoline model with the highest Caligraphy trim. According to Kim Min-hyuk, the owner of the car, the vehicle had been bought six months ago, and the accumulated mileage was only 3,000 km, so it was just like a new car.

It is said that before the fire, the Grandeur vehicle showed symptoms. Kim Min-hyuk said, “There was a sign of symptoms from 30 seconds before the fire broke out. The accelerator and the brakes didn’t work at all, and immediately after the smoke, they caught fire.” Then he said, “There was a message on the instrument panel that there was an abnormality in the system.”

The claim that the vehicle is defective is weighed by the fact that the G80 case is different, while in the Grandeur the accelerator and brakes haven’t worked, and the instrument panel has even been warned that a system check is needed. Also, according to Kim Min-hyuk, the car burned in just one minute and, unlike the G80, it was also completely burned out.

In addition, considering that it was a vehicle that was released six months ago and that is a new car that only ran 3,000 km in that time, further investigation is necessary. Kim Min-hyuk said, “I didn’t believe what the situation was, and when I saw the car that had been burned out after the lights went out, I felt like I had lost a friend.”

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In fact, it is not a day or two that a defect or quality problem is found in the gap between the systems used by any car manufacturers. Cars are also made by humans, so we can ideally think that the car should be free of defects, but most likely you will agree that there is no perfect car. Defects are present in all manufacturers’ products. But why do we have different images for different manufacturers and evaluate the manufacturers differently? The reason is simple. After finding the defect, how you deal with it will change your thoughts and attitude toward the manufacturer.

In May, Kia Motors recalled 229,000 vehicles due to engine fire hazards and also entered a major recall in the US. NHTSA of the United States recently announced that Kia Motors has reported a recall to nearly 229,000 vehicles. The reason for the recall was an engine fire, and it was reported that the owner had been told to start the recall on April 10, 2020.

According to the US Safety Recall report, Kia Motors reported the issue to NHTSA on February 14 of this year. Target vehicles are Sedona (domestic name Carnival, 2006~2010) and Sorento (2007~2009). According to Kia Motors, moisture may flow into the ECU that controls the ABS module, causing electrical problems, which can cause a fire in the engine.

The ECU is powered off even when the ignition is off and the vehicle is parked. This means that the engine can catch fire even when the vehicle is off and can lead to a major fire. There have been no reports of any injuries related to the recall.

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To reduce the risk of property damage or injury, Kia Motors currently recommends that cars be parked in private lands, not in garages, until repairs are completed. It was said to be watched.

In the US, Hyundai Kia Motors is also reimbursing 930 billion won to its borrowers in May. According to the American ABC News, Hyundai Kia Motors’ owners are expected to receive an agreement of close to US$ 760 million and approximately KRW 930 billion in Korean money. It was the result of a California class action filed by millions of Hyundai Motor owners.

The issue was first raised in 2018. The agreement, first announced last year, included compensation for repair and repair costs, free sounds or replacements for damaged engines, engine repair periods, warranty and damage to vehicle value. Models applicable to this are Hyundai Motor Company’Sonata (2011~2019)’,’Santa Fe Sports (domestic name Santa Fe, 2013~2019)’, ‘Tucson (2014~2015 / 2018~2019)’, Kia Motors’ Optima (domestic name K5, 2011~2019)’, ‘Sorento (2012~2019)’, ‘Sportage (2011~2019)’, etc.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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