Kia Stinger GT Facelift Spied

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kia stinger facelift ck pe (2)
kia stinger facelift ck pe (2)

An official from Kia Motors Corporation gave more details to AutoDaum while asking about the future of the Kia Stinger back in May and now we have new information together with new spy pictures of the facelifted version on its GT flavour and with the new and bigger variable exhaust.

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At the end, looks like Kia will put all their efforts on the overseas Stinger model, mainly US-spec and UAE models to offer there, where is much appreciatted, the new engines and keep the regular engines where the sales are slow. This is what our friends at AutoPost told us in our latest conversation, while the only test vehicle with the 2.5 Turbo engine spotted is confirmed to be an US-spec (pictured below).

Looks like the Australian model, which is a right hand drive, will suffer the same luck as the korean counterparts. As the development of right hand drive’s cars are more expensive, they can continue with the current engines, this was reported recently by Australian motor news.

What we know so far?

Speaking with the magazine, the Kia Official said: The release of the second-generation Stinger has not been decided yet. We plan to focus on preparing for the partial change model launch in the second half of this year. So in this statement we have got the confirmation of the launch, that is already scheduled for July and the conclusion of sales of the facelifted Stinger will decide the fate of the RWD sports sedan.

The Stinger discontinuation is not only groundless at all, but also ridiculous fake news. “In July this year, along with the new car class change, there will be a partial change model with more powerful performance.” he added.

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As Stinger is deteriorating Kia Motors’ profitability due to sluggish sales, it is being delivered to Korea, citing speculative articles that Kia Motors is reviewing discontinuation, as it is burdensome to develop a replacement model or a model that requires a huge investment. The Stinger is a model that consistently sells around 1,000 units per month in the North American market, he said.

It is a model that greatly contributes to raising Kia’s brand image to ‘high performance and sporty’ above the volume. “Stinger is a sports sedan based on rear-wheel drive (FR) and is a model that imprints Kia’s high-performance image at home and abroad.”

The partial change model that will appear in July is expected to have a stronger heart for new car changes. The inline 4-cylinder 2.0L gasoline Turbo engine increases the displacement to 2.5L, so the performance specifications are expected to change. The 2.5-liter Turbo mounted on Hyundai’s high-performance division N-line has a maximum output of 290 horsepower (304 hp in Genesis models).

Kia Motors plans to further refine Stinger’s driving system to differentiate it from Hyundai’s N-line, and to improve the current acceleration of 4.9 seconds (0 – 100 km/h). However, another official said, The end of story is absurd, but the release schedule of the second-generation Stinger may change. We need to focus on the model that strategically sells well compare to the cost of developing a new car after Coronavirus outbreak, he said.

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