Genesis Started Updating G80 Software Failures

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Genesis is currently at their peak after the launch of key models like their first SUV, the GV80, as well as the third generation G80 sedan. But not all are good news, as the GV80 and now the G80 are suffering of some software glitches and engine problems. Now and according to G80 club, Genesis started recalling G80 owners in order to fix all of this software problems, of course, for free.

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Previously, the first of a new range of cars, the GV80, had diesel engine shaking, digital instrument panel and rear camera operation errors, and defects such as assembly failure, while the new G80 also has various software defects such as engine shaking, door lock, and remote smart parking assistance error.

Accordingly, it was reported that Hyundai Motor delivered a warranty notice to the new G80 customers last week. A total of six cases including fuel leakage (injector), internal software logic failure or remote smart parking assistance system (RSPA) logic error are the most common problems.

First, the representative engine relief and trembling during cold start was caused by the engine controller (ECU), targeting 1,794 gasoline 2.5 turbo models produced from March 3rd to June 8th. Next, ‘lighting of various warning lights and no amplifier’ is a problem related to vehicle communication. It provides communication-related controller upgrades for all 1,226 units manufactured from March 6 to June 22.

Genesis New G80 Software Upgrade Item (Source 네 Genesis G80 Fellowship)
Genesis New G80 Software Upgrade Item (Source Genesis G80 Club)

The third ‘remote smart parking assist system malfunction (spatial search error)’ includes all 16,004 models produced from March 6 to June 19, and repairs the parking integrated controller.

The fourth issue of excessive cooling fan noise when operating the air conditioner is for 2,971 gasoline 3.5 turbo models produced from March 6th to June 15th, and provides cooling fan controller repair.

In addition, the ‘active hood system warning light on’ phenomenon is updated for all 5,782 models produced on March 6 to June 10, and the last’built-in cam parking recording file time information error’ problem is from April 29 to Up to June 1, 2,834 units produced can be upgraded.

This measure allows software updates only in service networks with specific communication equipment (Ethernet communication equipment, GDS-M), and provides a Genesis home-to-home service that directly picks up and delivers customers’ vehicles. An official from Hyundai Motor said, “Recently, we are trying to solve the problem quickly related to defects such as the GV80 and the new G80.”

Genesis G80

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