Kia Stinger Facelift to Keep 2.0 Turbo

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According to Kia Motors officials on the 11th, it is under consideration that Stinger will maintain the existing 2.0 Turbo GDi engine on its facelift, unlike the initial plan. This change in the original plan could happen in order to minimize the price bump and keep a competitive price in the Korean market. So the line-up will be 2.0 Turbo, 2.5 Turbo and revised 3.3 Twin Turbo.

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The current Stinger’s price starts at 35.9 million won (US $30,315) for 2.0 T and 57.5 million won (US $48,556) for 3.3T. If 2.0T is maintained, the Stinger will have a cheap entry trim that minimizes high price increases. According to Top-Rider, to keep the 2.0T is a strong point as can be applicable to receive some tax registration exemptions or public loan fee when purchasing a vehicle for the disabled as well as lower tax compared to a bigger displacement engine.

The displacement of the 2.0 T is 1998cc while the 2.5 Turbo GDi is 2497cc. The current Stinger 2.0T has a maximum output of 255 horsepower and a maximum torque of 36 kgm. The new Stinger 2.5 Turbo GDi has a maximum output of 304 horsepower and a maximum torque of 43 kgm. All eight-speed automatic transmissions are combined.

Compared to the 2.0, the output of the 2.5 was higher than before, but the tolerance weight also increased by 40kg. The Stinger partial change will be released in August. The new Stinger 2.5T’s powertrain combines a Smartstream G2.5 FR T-GDI engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission to achieve a maximum output of 304 hp and a maximum torque of 43 kgm.

The maximum output is exerted at 5800 rpm, and like with the new Genesis G80 2.5T, engine type, and specifications are all the same. The Stinger 2.5T has an extra 49 hp and torque of 7 kgm compared to the existing 2.0T engine.

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At the same time as the powertrain performance increased, the tolerance weight increased. The tolerance weight of the Stinger partial change 2.5T will Rear Wheel Drive is 1.690kg and with All Wheel Drive is 1.755kg. Each are 40kg heavier than the existing Stinger.

The part of the Stinger 3.3T variable valve, variable exhaust, and ECU specifications have been changed, and the sports exhaust system is applied to increase the output power to 373 horsepower, up 3 horsepower from the previous. The tolerance weight is the same as the existing stinger.

Kia Motors equipped the Stinger with variable exhaust system for the first time. The variable exhaust system goes beyond the current Stinger sound generator and is a device that can adjust the exhaust sound generated from outside the actual vehicle.

The appearance of the Stinger partial change is focused on enhancing detail. The graphic inside the headlamp, daytime running lights, or bumpers design are changed, and a newly designed wheel is introduced. For the rear lamp, horizontal bar type and sequential direction indicator are applied. The interior layout maintains the shape of the current model as you can see in the picture above. It is equipped with a digital dashboard and a 10.25 inch monitor.

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Source: Top-Rider
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