Next-gen Genesis G90 Captured by a Follower

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genesis g90 rs4 flagship 3

A few weeks ago we share the very first picture of the next generation Genesis G90 (codenamed as RS4) that will premiere world’s first ‘LiDAR’ for the first time in a production vehicle. Today and thanks to our follower @junyoung993 we have got access to the latest pictures of Genesis G90 prototype spied in South Korea. This is the second prototype as the wheels are new.

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The next-gen G90 was confirmed to be equipped with a ‘level 3’ autonomous driving system consisting of a camera radar and two lidars, which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2021. We also have known that will keep the 5.0 V8 engine while having air suspension for the first time.

This is the very first time we saw the new luxury sedan from Genesis, but there are a few keys to recognize as a new Genesis vehicle, like the taillights, which still has the two lines, but this is the first time we see the front end, and it has similar headlights as the Genesis bespoke EV model, not sure if this is the new design identity or just provisional lights.

The two radar LiDAR system will allow to implement level 3 autonomous driving based on a control algorithm developed by Hyundai Motor in addition to the existing camera radar sensor. 

On the other hand, the next-gen G90 will be equipped with two radars on both sides of the front of the vehicle to realize a more advanced autonomous driving function, such as interrupting the vehicle in the sideways car while driving. In addition, more precise operation is possible even in cloudy weather, and it can be replaced more naturally in various emergencies.

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“Equipped with one radar, the autonomous driving function is focused on the front side, but mounting the radar on the two front sides is advantageous for implementing a more complete level 3, such as detecting a vehicle intrusion.” “Before responding to Level 3 technology, it will be advantageous to secure the advantage of self-driving technology with the G90.”

Hyundai’s hardware (HW) camera, radar, and lidar three groups of sensing devices are integrated into a single algorithm, and various sensor signals generated during driving are combined to secure an independent control algorithm that makes optimal judgment. The Genesis G90 with autonomous driving Level 3 will be released at home and abroad as early as end of 2021.

The new G90 is expected to be an important opportunity for Hyundai to take the lead in technological advancement in the field of autonomous driving in the future.

Written by Jose Antonio López

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.


  1. vbondjr1

    the only part that made me happy was the fact that they said it will keep the 5.0

    • ElectricBro

      Last year KCB also claimed the new G80 will come with 10AT, and there are twin-turbo V8 too. Obviously it turned out non of those are true.

    • Lukas Gessner

      I’m honestly so surprised by it that I find it hard to believe. Granting that there are still way more G90s sold in Korea than anywhere else, and that the clientele who buy them probably don’t care very much about fuel economy (a shame), the 5.0 just isn’t very competitive quantitatively. It seems like a well-liked engine, but the power figures are being matched or nearly matched by few 6-cylinders from Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and others, and it’s naturally far behind them on fuel consumption. I’d personally wish they’d use some hybrid tech on the new 3.5TT; hopefully an eG90 will come along, too (that name was trademarked, after all).


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