Hyundai IONIQ 6 Accelerates to Arrive Next Year

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hyundai ioniq 6

Following the launch of the IONIQ 5 this year, Hyundai Motor Company is speeding up its attack on the electric vehicle market by predicting the release of the IONIQ 6 next year.

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On the 22nd, Hyundai Motor Company held a conference call for ‘Announcement of EV (Electric Vehicle) Strategy for the First Quarter of 2021’ and said, “We plan to sell 160,000 units of 8 different electric vehicles this year, and set a goal to expand sales to 560,000 units of 12 EV models in 2025.”

Hyundai Motor Company plans to release the IONIQ 6, first electric sedn model next year, following the IONIQ 5, which will be released in South Korea as early as this month. As of the end of the first quarter, the number of pre-contracts for IONIQ 5 reached 42,000 units so it was very successful.

The South Korean carmaker plans to introduce the IONIQ 6 Sedan, to be based on the EV concept ‘Propechy’ in 2022. The IONIQ range will be completed in early 2024 with the launch of a larger SUV, to be called as IONIQ 7.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

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The IONIQ 6 will also sits on the Electric Global Modular Platform known as E-GMP that offers fast charging and a rich driving range. If the IONIQ 5/Kia EV6 already can drive 550 km, we expect that the IONIQ 6 could arrive to 650 or even 700km of range. (As the wheelbase will be longer, more cells could be added).

The dedicated EV platform will enable Hyundai to reimagine the vehicle interior as a “smart living space”, with unique features such as highly adjustable seats, wireless connectivity and drawers. The platform paradigm shift will be extended to the user interface. The user interface is simple, intuitive and ergonomically designed to help passengers feel comfortable. 

So we can’t wait to see more about IONIQ’s sedan proposal, sure with the first prototypes hitting the road soon (if they expected to be launched during next year).

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