Kia K9 Facelift Interior Leaked

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kia k9

Thanks to Kia’s all-new K9 facelift maintenance manual new pictures and specifitacion of the updated interior have surfaced. Despite the interior it’s practically the same as before, there are a few changes that we will comment.

The Kia K9 is a model that was already discountinued from the U.S market and its also almost confirmed that it will not have a succesor. So Kia have made a few changes to its flagship specially in the exterior (where more criticism received) but inside is hard to find the differences.

Despite the overall look is the same, there are changes like the Kia logo in the steering wheel, diamond pattern around doors and seats or an even larger screen but there are also more things that are not seen. For example, Kia added a fingerprint authentication system like the one premiered on the Genesis GV70 so this is the first time we see it on a Kia car.

The fingerprint allows the driver to make “In-vehicle Easy Payment” through Kia CarPay, but also can put the vehicle in Valet Mode (in the case of GV70), which prevents the customer’s personal information such as home address and phone book from appearing on the infotainment screen when using a parking/driving service that requires someone else to leave the car.

Detail of the K9 fingeprint, placed in the left panel

In the GV70, the system is also linked with vehicle startup and personalized driver’s seat settings, so we can expect that the K9 will have the same functions.

Kia also took advantage of the facelift to add Highway Driving Assistance 2 (HDA2), a system that handles speed and stops in highway driving conditions, and also handles changing to a crossroad, entering a junction, and merging onto a main road automatically when a driver indicates their intent to do so via their turn signal.

But also added more funtions such as remote smart parking assistance that enables vehicles to move backwards and forwards with a smart key, built-in black box and rear parking collision avoidance assistance, all system already available in latest Hyundai Motor Group vehicles.

Photo Source: Top-Rider

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