Hyundai HQ Now Only Shows Brand’s Logo

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Two weeks ago we have noticed thanks to Motorgraph picture that Hyundai’s logo was removed from Hyundai HQ building in Yangjae-dong, Seoul. Now Hyundai replaced it but the blue logo trademarket, without the lettering.

What we know so far?

Current Hyundai’s logo has disappeared in during this week of May. According to a representative of the Hyundai Motor Group, they removed “In order to replace the old signboard, the existing CI was removed.”

In fact and unlike Kia, where the idea of ​​replacing CIs and emblems was raised several years ago, Hyundai Motor Company did not move much in relation to the change of brand and/or corporate image.

However, the tone of brand design may change. According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, on December 30, 2020, Hyundai Motor Company applied for a new trademark for the achromatic logo (black one in the picture below). It is quite different from the blue emblems that have been used so far. Previously, Genesis and Kia also updated their logos by adopting achromatic emblems.

Others also suggested that Hyundai Motor Group’s CI will be used. As various brands such as Genesis, a luxury brand, high-performance N, Ioniq for electric vehicles, and HTWO (H2) for hydrogen fuel cells, have been launched one after another, it is analyzed that it is necessary to strengthen the identity of the group.

An official in the domestic automobile industry said, “As various brands have emerged under the Hyundai Motor Group, the moment is coming when the need for traffic control is coming from the perspective of Hyundai Motor Company,” and said, “We need a symbol that can encompass affiliate brands like the Volkswagen Group.”

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