Hyundai Casper Powertrain Confirmed

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hyundai casper certification

Today we want to share with you powertrain details of the Hyundai Casper small SUV, thanks to our colleague SHM Studio, who recently passed through Korea Emission & Noise Certification revealing two gasoline engines for the South Korean line-up. It is expected that the Casper will also have a EV powertrain, we will give you more details soon.

What we know so far?

This small SUV is initially set for Indian market but could arrive to Europe as an entry SUV, even an electric version is expected for South Korea.

The Casper is expected to start production during September and begin domestic sales in the fourth quarter. The Hyundai AX1 is a new car developed with the ‘K1 platform’ for small cars developed by Hyundai Motors targeting emerging markets such as India.

Hyundai Motor Company has applied for trademark registration of the car name ‘Casper’ as of September 10, last year. According to KIPRIS, Korea Intellectual Property Rights office, the trademark registration for Hyundai is in the process of examination and is in the final stage. 

Detail of the entry Casper model, to have a 1.0-liter N/A with 76 hp

Gwangju Global Motors (GGM) will be in charge of production. Work on joint venture between the Gwangju local government and Hyundai Motor began two years ago when the deal was signed. The plant was finished in April 2021.

Back to the Casper, the small SUV is still fully covered of camouflage, using canvas and sticker camouflager all together so it’s not visible in detail, but you can see the triangular grille pattern or the rounded headlamps together with same eyebrow as the KONA. The small SUV size is similar to an i10 or Picanto, but it looks a little higher than these.

New details have been released. The size of the Casper has 3595 mm length, 1595 mm width, and 1575 mm height, which complies with the domestic standards for compact cars. The powertrain is also likely to be equipped with a gasoline 3-cylinder SmartStream G 1.0 engine used for in the Kia Picanto or Hyundai i10.

Powerful Casper model will have a 1.0-liter Turbo with 100 hp

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