Hyundai Creta Facelift Sketches Revealed, to be a Baby Tucson

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Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) today presented a design sketch of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) product line , the Hyundai CRETA , which will be launched in the Indonesian market in the future. This design sketch provides a clear picture of the characteristics of SUV products, namely bold, dynamic, and futuristic.

Globally, the Hyundai CRETA is one of the best-selling Hyundai models in the world. This SUV will also be developed for the Indonesian market with various innovations ranging from a new design approach to the latest features. Furthermore, this SUV will also be produced locally in Indonesia, at Hyundai’s first factory in Southeast Asia.

The strong character of the Hyundai CRETA is shown by the harmony between the bold front appearance, the car bodywith a strong impression, and other unique visual displays. The straight roofline design and the wide C-pillar further emphasize its solid appearance. Contemporary and luxurious touches on the interior design further add to the appeal of this SUV. From this sketch, it is clear that the Hyundai CRETA is the right car and is suitable for the lifestyle of the modern Indonesian people.

SungJong Ha, President Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia, said, “Hyundai’s commitment as a game-changer in the automotive industry is our motivation in providing superior products and services to Indonesian customers. Hyundai CRETA is a product with the hallmark of Hyundai, which is full of innovation and is specially designed to meet the needs and modern lifestyle of the Indonesian people. Hyundai has a customer-centricapproach, where customers are our source of inspiration. Therefore, we are very pleased that this product can be built on the various inputs we have received from the wider community. For that, we hope that the Hyundai CRETA that we will launch in the future can be a source of pride for Hyundai, especially our beloved customers in the country.”

Hyundai CRETA is equipped with Parametric Jewel Grille which is the embodiment of Hyundai’s design theme: Parametric Dynamics . In addition, there is a Parametric Jewel Hidden DRL which fully integrates the grille and lights so that the lamp display will not be visible when the lights are turned off. This shows Hyundai’s innovative solutions that combine technology and emotional values. This SUV is also supported by the Boomerang – type rear light and High Mounted Stop Lamp (HMSL) which is the right combination for a futuristic exterior appearance.

The broad feel of the Hyundai CRETA is even more maximized through the presence of a windshield design that gives the impression of openness but still provides protection. The car’s relatively low center of gravity makes it look wider and more stable.

This design sketch also depicts the interior appearance of an SUV that is full of premium feel, strong character, and equipped with advanced, class-leading technology. On the front side, the horizontal dashboard arrangement extends towards the door that forms a wing curve, making the front room look bolder, more dynamic, and providing extra protection for passengers. Then, on the fascia, there is an 8-inch AVT screen that is integrated with the console in the middle. 

This latest product innovation from Hyundai also offers a D-cut steering wheel that accentuates a sporty impressionas well as vertical ventilation integrated with defogger to complete its unique look. In addition, the Hyundai CRETA has other unique details that make this car even more sophisticated, such as a three-dimensional patterned speaker grille and a Silver Bezel  that wraps around the gear knob . On the console with qualified lighting supported by silver-tone side trim, it further strengthens the premium cockpit appearance of the SUV offered by Hyundai.

The presence of the Hyundai CRETA will further complement the Hyundai product line in Indonesia. Hyundai Motors Indonesia will announce official specifications, features, and prices to the public in the future. To find out more about the latest innovations from Hyundai, please follow the official Hyundai Motors Indonesia social media accounts and visit the Hyundai Motors Indonesia website.

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