Kia Niro PHEV Comes w/ Updated Powertrain, More Power & Range

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Released at the end of 2021, the all-new Niro is causing sensation, and now we have new information of Niro PHEV, on its European spec, that despite the hybrid model, comes with an updated powertrain.

The new Niro Plug-in will have a total output of 185 hp, an increase of 44 horsepower from the previous one, while the battery capacity is also higher in order to increase the driving range in electric mode to a maximum of 60 km (WLTP).

Unlike the hybrid, the new Niro PHEV has an upgraded output (if you already have driven Niro PHEV or XCEED PHEV I’m dure you’re glad to know that the power was augmented). The Plug-in Hybrid system of the new Niro consists in the same SmartStream 1.6-liter 4-cylinder GDI engine as the Hybrid model but now has a new electric motor with a maximum output of 84 horsepower. The total output of the system is 185 hp. Compared to the previous Niro PHEV, the total output is increased by 44 hp.

Detail of the Charging port in the All-New Niro PHEV

The output of the new electric motor is 84 horsepower, which is 23 horsepower higher than the previous one. The battery capacity has been improved from 8.9 kWh to 11.4 kWh. The driving range on a single full charge is up to 60 km based on European WLTP.

Kia also announced “Green Zone”. The second-generation green zone drive mode, a new feature of the new Niro that will maximizes the use of EV driving based on navigation.

Source: Kia

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