HMG Patents Ondol System, to be Premiered on GV90

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Back in September 2021, Genesis presented various concepts for the future vehicles taking advantage of the premiere of its first dedicated EV, the GV60. These were different technologies but the one is already patented and confirmed for production is a new heating system inspired by the Korean “Ondol” heating, to be premiered on the GV90.

Hyundai Motor Group wanted to provide the most comfortable moving experience for passengers through the interior space of the Mobility Ondol. The boarding space has been designed so that passengers can fully relax while traveling. It can also be seen that the front and rear seats are symmetrically configured to face each other, which emphasizes communication between passengers.

As it is a mobility focused on rest space, the vehicle body of Mobility Ondol boasts a larger space than existing cars thanks to its high overall height and long wheelbase. Because electricity is used as power, the floor is equipped with a large-capacity battery like any other pure electric vehicle. In addition, the free space between the seat and the battery can be used as a cargo storage space or an auxiliary battery depending on the purpose of mobility or the owner’s choice. With the door open, there is a footrest and a separate storage space on the indoor space floor, making it easier to get on and off.

Mobility Ondol has a special seat structure so that passengers can take the most comfortable position possible. The basic sitting posture is not much different from riding in a normal car. However, there is a folding table inside the door trim, so it can be used in various ways, such as putting things on or having a meal. In addition, the door trim pocket has been transformed into a storage space as large as a glove box.

There is another reason why the name of this new concept mobility is ‘Ondol’. This is because part of the mobility heating system is inspired by the traditional heating method of ondol using heat conduction. The heat source is the battery. The principle is to increase the overall heating efficiency of mobility by utilizing the heat of the battery generated by the operation of electric vehicles. Based on this energy harvesting concept, Hyundai Motor Group is researching a heating system using PE system and battery waste heat recovery technology.

Hyundai Motor Group plans to complete the optimal heating system by complexly applying the heating structure using the residual heat of the mobility ondol and the indirect heating technology of the radiant heat warmer. Currently, the unique seat structure of Mobility Ondol and the heating structure using battery heat have completed patent applications in major countries around the world such as the United States, Japan, China, and Europe. there is. Hyundai Motor Group will not stop developing technology so that the mobility that will appear before our eyes is positioned as a home that provides the best mobility experience.

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