Hyundai IONIQ 6 Got 37,000 Pre-orders During First Day

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Hyundai Motor Company announced today that the number of contracts on the first day of the IONIQ 6, which entered into pre-orders in South Korea starting yesterday, recorded 37,446 units.

The Ioniq 6, which first appeared at the ‘2022 Busan International Motor Show’ last month, is the second lineup of Hyundai Motor’s electric vehicle brand, IONIQ, and is a streamliner type model that breaks the mold of electric vehicles, which were mainly SUVs.

The IONIQ 6 has the world’s highest electric consumption efficiency of 6.2km/kWh (based on 18-inch wheels, standard 2WD) ▲A generous driving range of 524km on a single charge (based on 18-inch wheels, long-range 2WD) ▲ Lowest air resistance coefficient among Hyundai Motor’s all-time models of 0.21 ▲Sleek, streamlined exterior design and user-optimized comfortable interior space ▲Various lighting technologies that communicate with car and people ▲Dynamic driving performance and cutting-edge safety and convenience specifications, etc. It is evaluated as a model that will provide an electrified experience.

The IONIQ 6 is available in two models: the standard (basic) with a 53.0 kWh battery and the long range (constant) with a 77.4 kWh battery. For the long range, the HTRAC (four-wheel drive) option with a 74 kW front-wheel motor is optional. This is possible.

If you select HTRAC, you can experience the dynamic driving performance that goes from standstill to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds based on a maximum output of 239 kW and 605 Nm of torque.

Hyundai Motor Company has made the Ioniq 6 affordable so that customers who purchase it can receive the maximum benefit from electric vehicle subsidies.

The standard model ▲ Exclusive 52 million won ($38,728), Long Range model ▲ Exclusive 56.05 million won ($41,745) ▲ Exclusive+(Plus) 58.45 million won ($43,532) ▲ Prestige 61.35 million won ($45,690)▲ E-LITE 2WD 52.60 million won ($41,707) (※ Based on 3.5% individual consumption tax)

Including the EV performance tune-up technology applied to the Ioniq 6 for the first time by Hyundai Motor Group, and the wireless (OTA) software update that expanded the range to major electronic control devices for the first time by Hyundai Motor Company, ▲Indoor V2L ▲Front Collision Prevention Assist ( Vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles facing the intersection), highway driving assistance, battery heating system, and heat pump system were applied as basic specifications to secure excellent product quality.

Then, along with the features installed for the first time in Hyundai Motors, such as ▲Dual Color Ambient Mood Lamp (with speed link function) ▲Electric Vehicle Active Sound Design (e-ASD) ▲Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 ▲Intelligent Headlamp (IFS) ▲Interactive Pixel Light ▲Dynamic welcome light ▲Digital side mirrors and integrated dashboard ▲Highway driving assistance 2 ▲20-inch wheels & Pirelli tires ▲Wide sunroof, etc. are operated as optional options to broaden the choice of customers.

Hyundai Motor Company introduced the Ioniq 6 with ▲ interior/exterior paint coated with recycled paints from used tires and vegetable materials ▲ seats made with eco-friendly process leather and recycled plastic fabric ▲ bioplastic skins extracted from sugar cane Various eco-friendly materials, such as a coated dashboard, a headliner made of bio PET fabric, and a carpet made of recycled yarn from waste fishing nets, are melted everywhere.

In addition to three key colors that emphasize sophisticated sportiness, ▲Biophilic Blue Pearl ▲Digital Green Pearl ▲Gravity Gold Matte ▲Abyss Black Pearl ▲Serenity White Pearl ▲Nocturne Gray Metallic ▲Transmission Blue Pearl ▲Digital Green Matte ▲Ultimate It is operated with 9 exterior colors including red metallic and 4 interior colors including ▲dark green/light gray two-tone ▲dark gray/light gray two-tone ▲black/brown two-tone ▲black monotone.

After the Busan Motor Show, Hyundai Motor Company is conducting exhibitions by major bases touring the country. By mid-September, Hyundai Motor plans to tour various bases and visit customers from all over the country to provide an opportunity to experience the outstanding product characteristics of the IONIQ 6 firsthand.

A Hyundai Motor official said, “The IONIQ 6 will provide a higher level of mobility experience in the electrified era with the world’s best fuel efficiency achieved based on the streamlined streamline silhouette and various functions installed for the first time in Hyundai Motor Company.” We are holding various events both online and offline so that customers across the country can experience the IONIQ 6 easily and comfortably.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Company has been carrying out the 1st TV launching campaign to announce the emergence of a game changer in the electrification era, centering on the slogan of ‘The World I Create’ since July 15, and from August 22, through various online channels, Ioniq 6’s core product characteristics and various personalization experiences using them will also be introduced in the second launch campaign.

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