Hyundai IONIQ 5 N to Have 650 hp!

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Hyundai Ioniq 5 n

Yesterday we were surprised by the ¿deliberate? leak of Hyundai’s highly anticipated IONIQ 5 N, and now we have an exclusive information. Hyundai N first All-Electric high performance vehicle will have 650 hp!. How could we know this?

Easy, usually when teasing Hyundai N models, the company’s high performance arm uses a certain plate with certain letters and numbers. In the case of the IONIQ 5 N, we can see “HN 7478”. HN is for Hyundai N, 7 is due to the IONIQ 5 N is the 7th launch of Hyundai N brand and the 478 means the kW of the car, which gives us 650 hp. When Hyundai N released the Elantra N facelift, we can saw the same letter HN, the number 6 and the 280 that is the output of the vehicle in hp.

This marks the first time IONIQ 5 high performance model will be shown in full, following the release of a series of teaser videos and camouflaged images that showcased key elements of the model’s technology. As the first mass-production, all-electric Hyundai N model, it will further accelerate the company’s electrification future.

The IONIQ 5 N world premiere will be held in the ‘Core Box’ of the Hyundai N exhibition stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. As well as the unveiling of the car itself, it will include an ‘N Moment’ – a show run of IONIQ 5 N at the Festival’s iconic 1.87-kilometre Hillclimb event, in which it will be joined by other Hyundai N models, including the thrilling RN22e and N Vision 74 rolling labs.

We are waiting for full details regarding drivetrain, max output and full specs sheet but we can expect all-wheel drive, dual motor and up to 650 hp. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s debut!


Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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