Genesis is About to Surpass 1 Million Global Sales

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Hyundai Motor’s luxury car brand Genesis is expected to surpass 1 million global cumulative sales this month, 7 years and 10 months after its launch as a separate luxury brand.

According to Hyundai Motor’s sales performance on the 13th, Genesis has sold a total of 987,716 units since the launch of the brand in November 2015 until July of this year. 682,226 of these cars were sold in South Korea and 301,490 units were sold overseas.

There are 16,284 vehicles left with a cumulative total of 1 million units. Considering that Genesis sells an average of 20,000 units per month, it is certain that it will break through 1 million units this month.

Genesis was originally a luxury model inside Hyundai brand, but in November 2015 it become a separate brand with their first vehicle, the G90 (then domestic car name EQ900). Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun, who was the vice president of Hyundai Motor at the time, led the entire brand launch process from the initial planning stage of the Genesis brand to the recruiting external personnel and reorganizing the organization.

Genesis, which sold 530 units in 2015, its first year of launch, surpassed 100,000 units and 200,000 units in global annual sales in 2020 and 2021. The biggest protagonist in cumulative sales of 1 million units is the semi-large sedan G80 (pictured above). The G80 recorded cumulative sales of 38,127 units, the most so far in July of this year, accounting for 38.6%.

It was followed by GV80 (169,894 units) and GV70 (154,333 units), and cumulative sales of G70 and G90 were 136,189 units and 129,221 units, respectively. The exclusive electric vehicle GV60 also sold 10,952 units in the first two years of its launch.

Genesis entered the U.S. market after successfully seating in the domestic market and officially entered Europe, the home of luxury cars, and China, the world’s largest automotive market, in 2021.

Genesis has set a goal of carbon neutrality in 2035, including launching all new cars from 2025 as hydrogen and battery electric vehicles. Starting with the G80 electrification model in July 2021, the GV60, the first dedicated electric vehicle in October, and the GV70 electrification model was launched one after another in March last year, strengthening the electrification strategy, and from this year, the GV70 electrification model has started to be produced in the United States.

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