Hyundai Held IONIQ 5 N Tech Day

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hyundai ioniq 5 n tech day

Hyundai Motor Company held ‘IONIQ 5 N Tech Day’ at Layer 11 in Mapo-gu, Seoul today. This event was designed to showcase the excellence of electrification technology applied to the N brand’s first high-performance electric vehicle, the Ioniq 5 N, and to introduce in detail the various specialized specifications that add to the fun of driving.

The Ioniq 5 N is a high-performance electric vehicle that meets both instantaneous acceleration and circuit-ready durability. It is a model that combines Hyundai’s advanced technology, including an innovative battery thermal management system and a robust regenerative braking-based stable braking system, to bring driving performance to the world’s highest level.

Hyundai is equipped with a high-performance motor system that ejects the maximum power of 478kW (650 hp, N green boost) and the maximum torque of 770Nm (78.5kgf·m, N green boost) on the Ioniq 5 N, and a high-power battery of 84.0kWh, and a large number of special specifications for high-performance electric vehicles N to further enhance driving performance and sensitivity.

At this event, Hyundai announced the principles, effects, and operation methods of the core technologies applied to the Ioniq 5 N based on the three core elements pursued by the N brand: Racetrack Capability, Corner Rascal, and Everyday Sportscar.

In particular, it introduced various technologies that complete overwhelming driving performance, such as ▲4th generation high-voltage battery cell and system ▲N Battery Preconditioning (NBP) ▲N Race ▲N Brake Regen, ▲N specialized body and chassis for sharp cornering ▲N pedal (N Pedal) for track driving.

It also explained dedicated special specifications such as N e-Shift (N e-Shift) and N Active Sound Plus (N Active Sound +, NAS+), where you can feel the sensibility of a sports car in your daily life. Hyundai released a video of the German Nürburgring circuit driving test on the day, explaining the harsh test process to complete the outstanding driving performance of the Ioniq 5 N.

Park Jun-woo, managing director of Hyundai Motor’s N-brand management, said, “The development process of the Ioniq 5 N brand’s first high-performance electric vehicle, was a bold challenge to define the future direction of the N brand and the discovery of a new standard. Based on Hyundai Motor’s advanced technology and motorsports experience, we will provide the most emotional high-performance driving experience to customers who love driving even in the electrization era.”

Since Hyundai Motor announced its intention to challenge the World Rally Championship (WRC) in 2012, it has gained experience by participating in numerous motorsport competitions so far, and based on this, it has developed superior technologies such as high-performance vehicle suspension and braking systems.

In addition, in 2015, high-performance brand N was launched, and high-performance vehicles equipped with motorsport-based technologies were launched to provide customers with the pleasure of driving, and the application of high-performance vehicle technology to general vehicles has been expanded to increase the technological competitiveness of Hyundai as a whole.

Starting with the Ioniq 5 N, Hyundai Motor plans to continue to provide customers with the pleasure and driving sensibility of driving that remain unchanged even in the electrification era, and to solidify its leadership position in the electric vehicle market through the continuous development of electrification technology.

■ New 4th generation high-voltage battery and a range of special specifications to maximize track driving performance

Hyundai has applied a variety of specialized specifications such as the newly developed 4th generation high voltage battery cell and system to maximize the track driving performance of the Ioniq 5 N, as well as ▲N battery preconditioning ▲N race ▲N brake regent.

Hyundai has developed new fourth-generation high-voltage battery cells and systems by increasing its battery design capabilities and congregating cooling and control technology.

First-in-the-first-class high-voltage battery cell in the Ioniq 5 N, the fourth-generation high-capacity new material application and battery cell design and process optimization have an 8.4% increase in energy density and excellent fast-charging performance and high durability.

The newly developed 4th generation high-voltage battery system is equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System) that can be equipped with ▲Over-the-air (OTA) update ▲real-time pre-safety diagnosis ▲high-performance specialized driving and charging control, and a thermal runaway delay enhancement design is applied to improve battery safety.

It also enhances cooling performance by simplifying the battery system structure and integrating the battery case and cooling channel by reducing the heat transfer path between the battery cell and the cooling channel, and improving heat dissipation performance by increasing the thermal conductivity of the heat dissipation material applied between the battery cell and the cooling channel.

N Battery Preconditioning provides optimal driving conditions by cooling or preheating the battery to the right temperature before the start of driving, and there are two modes: ‘drag mode’ for maximum output in a short time and ‘track mode’ for long-load driving.

When drag mode is selected, the battery temperature is adjusted between 30 and 40 degrees, which is the appropriate temperature for maximum acceleration, and when selecting track mode, the battery temperature is adjusted to between 20 and 30 degrees to prevent the battery temperature from rising significantly even after a long run.

In particular, track mode adjusts the charging speed in the case of repeated charging and track driving, minimizing battery temperature rise, allowing you to resume driving in a faster time.

The N Race consists of Sprint mode and Endurance modes with features that provide optimal performance for driving purposes, enhancing the cooling of the motor and battery and extending the battery’s maximum output range, minimizing the output limitations that may occur on the track.

When you select the sprint mode, you can use N Green Boost with no output restrictions, allowing you to control the track with maximum performance, and when you select the endurance mode, you can control the battery temperature not to rise too much, so you can enjoy the track drive with optimal output for a longer time without excessive output degradation.

Hyundai Motor’s Ioniq 5 N is equipped with an N-brake regenerative regenerative reagent, enhancing overall braking performance while reducing the frequency of use of mechanical brakes.

N-brake regen is the world’s first regenerative braking system that can recover energy to a high-reduction area of up to 0.6G, allowing simultaneous control of front and rear-wheel motors, and variable regenerative braking ratios depending on the driving environment.

In particular, when ABS is controlled, regenerative braking up to 0.2G is operated, so in track driving situations where rapid deceleration is frequent, the regenerative braking operation ratio and energy recovery rate are increased to minimize braking load and maximize energy recovery, so that the track can run without braking performance degradation for a long time.

In addition, N Brake Regen applies a regenerative braking mode for each driving situation, maximizing regenerative braking when driving on track, increasing braking performance, and providing comfortable braking with the highest priority for daily driving.

In addition, the Ioniq 5 N is equipped with the ‘TVC Gen2 Plus’, which predicts upcoming conditions and controls the driving force of certain wheels more quickly, enabling more agile and stable driving.

■ N-specialized bodywork, chassis and N pedals that enable sharp cornering

The Ioniq 5 N is equipped with an N-specialized body and chassis with increased rigidity and an N-pedal function that maximizes cornering performance by taking advantage of the characteristics of electric vehicles for exhilarating corner driving.

Hyundai has streamlined the body and chassis while minimizing the weight gain of the Ioniq 5 N to ensure more stable and dynamic driving performance.

The front wheel has subframe transverse reinforcement and stays to reinforce the load during cornering, increasing the front wheel transverse stiffness by 15%, improving the vehicle’s pivot responsiveness and marginal performance, and adding a strut ring and a mount to the cowl crossbar to increase overall handling performance.

In addition, cross-members and suspension arm reinforcement on the rear wheels have improved lateral stiffness of the rear wheels by 16%, allowing for a stable hold of significantly higher rear-wheel output, and further enhanced endurance and NVH performance.

In addition, the bodywork inside the rear wheelhouse was reinforced to increase the torsion stiffness by 11% compared to the existing Ioniq 5, and the welding points were increased at the main openings of the car body and glue was added to complete a harder bodywork.

The Ioniq 5 N is equipped with an N pedal function that maximizes cornering performance by utilizing the unique characteristics of electric vehicles, such as regenerative braking system and motor torque control with a high degree of freedom.

When using the N pedal, the driver removes his foot from the accelerator pedal and quickly decelerates while experiencing sharp cornering with rapid load movement and agile swiping behavior.

With a choice of steps 1 through 3, the N pedal provides faster and more agile corner driving depending on the steps, providing more robust regenerative braking and faster motor responsiveness than the traditional i-Pedal.

■ Special specification for high-performance electric vehicle N that allows you to feel the sensibility of a sports car in your daily life

The Ioniq 5 N has a special specification for the high-performance electric vehicle N that enhances the driving sensibility, further enhancing the fun of driving.

The N e-Shift is a feature that provides a shift and driving sensibility unique to high-performance internal combustion engine vehicles with a transmission through motor control.

The N e-Shift gives the driver a sense of shift, as well as the feeling of engine brakes that vary depending on the gear stage, and the engine behavior when erating, displaying the engine RPM and gear stages in the cluster and providing realistic engine sound integrated with the N Active Sound Plus for a more intuitive driving sensation.

In addition, the N e-shift has a different shift and shift pattern depending on the drive mode. In normal mode, it offers a shift for everyday comfort and a sports car with a dual clutch transmission in Sport mode, and a race car with a sequential transmission in N mode, it offers a dynamic shift.

N Active Sound Plus is a system that provides virtual sound optimized for high-performance electric vehicles based on driving information such as RPM, speed, and torque. It is Hyundai’s first to be equipped with a pronk speaker and rear speaker, and eight speakers are applied indoors, allowing you to hear virtual sound both inside the vehicle as well as externally.

In addition, in order to realize high-performance sound in various tones, the driving sound design layer has been increased from 2 to 7, by developing a new logic dedicated to engine sound. Based on this, it provides three dedicated sound modes: ▲Ignition mode that inherits the sound of the engine engine ▲Evolution mode that inherits the sound of RN22e and N 2025 Granturismo ▲Supersonic mode inspired by jet sound.

In particular, Hyundai added the world’s first high-performance sound effects to the N Active Sound Plus, further enhancing the fun of driving. It generates sound suitable for each sound mode according to the driving situation of the vehicle, such as the degree of stepping on the accelerator pedal, such as the degree of acceleration pedals, such as the exhaust sound of the high-performance internal combustion engine vehicle, the sound of the sound of the sonic boom sound when passing through the sound speed, and the speed of the speed of the transmission.

“The advanced electrification technology applied to the Ionic 5 N is the result of the continuous efforts of Hyundai researchers to provide customers with the pleasure of driving. Starting with the Ioniq 5 N, Hyundai Motor will continue to provide customers with the pleasure of driving and driving sensibility even in the era of electrification,” said Hyundai Motor’s N Brand & Motorsport Division.

Photo & video source: Global Auto News

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