Hyundai Staria Hybrid Prototype Spied

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hyundai staria hybrid

Looks like Hyundai is also preparing a Staria hybrid before launching an all-electric Staria, that is still under development. A regular Staria vehicle was caught a few days ago in South Korea by Motorgraph magazine. Look at the vehicle, it could look like another Staria unit, but looking at the sticker they found a key that confirmed the Hybrid powertrain.

Back on Sunday 24th, the guys at Motorgraph captured a Hyundai Staria test vehicle parked in the street. Viewing the images, it could be impossible to find the differences but the words ‘US4HEV’ are marked on all the sticker over the vehicle, where US4 stands for Staria codename (currently the 4th generation) the HEV as you already known reveal it as an Hybrid vehicle.

Don’t expect any changes despite the powertrain and a new Hybrid graphics on the cluster and infotainment system as the design is completely the same as the existing Staria Lounge model and that could be the reason why Hyundai did not used camouflage at all inside or out.

Staria Hybrid will use the same Hybrid powertrain as many Hyundai & Kia models. It is about the 1.6 turbo hybrid engine. With a total output of 230 hp, the system uses a combination of a 1.6 turbo engine with a maximum output of 180 horsepower and a maximum torque of 270Nm, and an electric drive motor with a maximum output of 60 horsepower (44.2kW) and a maximum torque of 264Nm.

Hyundai wants to claim back its piece of cake of the Hybrid MPV market even more after the launch of Toyota’s Alphard in South Korea or the upcoming launch of Kia’s Carnival Hybrid, expected for November but at the same time left us worried about the Staria Electric model, that could not arrive after all.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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