Genesis GV80 Facelift & GV80 Coupe Revealed

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Genesis unveiled the GV80 partial change model and the Genesis first coupe-type SUV ‘GV80 Coupe’. The newly reborn GV80 partial change model in about 3 years and 9 months has greatly upgraded its design finish, and the GV80 Coupe features a more dynamic design and a sporty sensibility. We focused on the design of the GV80 partial change model and the GV80 coupe.

The GV80 is the first model to showcase a design element that completes Genesis’s unique value, such as a crescrest grille that embodies the Genesis brand emblem, a two-line headlamps, a parabolic line that emphasizes the elegant proportions and silhouettes on the sides, and a G-Matrix pattern that expresses the reflection of light in diamonds. Since then, from sedans like the G80 and G90 to SUVs like the GV60 and GV70, the charm of the Genesis design identity of ‘Athletic Elegance’ has gradually intensified with each new model.

The GV80 has undergone a partial change in about 3 years and 9 months, inheriting the dynamic and sleek design of the existing GV80, while completing a relaxed interior space with a modern sensibility. The GV80 Coupe is also the Genesis’ first coupe-type SUV to maximize dynamism, featuring bold and unparalleled styling. We focused on the changes in the newly refurbished GV80 partial change model inside and outside, and looked at the special charm of the GV80 Coupe, which emphasizes the dynamic boldness.

The GV80 partial change model is characterized by adding luxurious details to the existing high-quality design. The first part to look at is the front part that has greatly changed the atmosphere by touching it in detail. By inheriting the technology of MLA (Micro Lens Array, a technology that reduces the existing projection unit module based on ultra-precision manufacturing technology) technology, which was first applied to the G90, the Genesis flagship sedan, to strengthen the Genesis design identity of ‘Two Line’ design, while building a unified design for the brand as a whole.

In addition, the GV80 partial change model redesigns the G-Matrix pattern of the radiator grille in two rows while gently trimming the edges of the grille to emphasize sophisticated charm and gorgeous look. Meanwhile, there’s also a new skid plate at the bottom of the front bumper that emphasizes the SUV-like solid impression. In addition, the bumper shape with air intake and air curtains is more dynamic, perfecting the atmosphere of a hard, bold sports SUV.

The rear part was changed around the bottom of the bumper while maintaining the existing high-quality design. Instead of exposing the muffler at the bottom, we applied a hidden type muffler, and the V shape inspired by the design of the Genesis Crest grille is chrome to complete the future-looking image. In the era of electrification, the rear diffuser design that contains the eco-friendly value pursued by Genesis is applied.

The Genesis’ first GV80 Coupe highlights the profound appeal of a luxury SUV with a dynamic elegance and a bold silhouette. Compared to the GV80 partial change model, the GV80 Coupe is even more appealing. The MLA lamp technology is used to enhance the completeness of the two-line lamp design, but the GV80 Coupe double-stamped the G-Matrix pattern of the radiator grille to highlight the high-performance image. A Double Layered G-Matrix pattern introduced through the GV80 Coupe Concept Car. It also widens the area of the air inlet at the bottom of the bumper, and applies four sports-inspired slots to the bottom of the radiator grille to complete a bold and dynamic appeal.

The difference between the GV80 partial change model and the GV80 coupe is the silhouette from the side. Genesis has established a design philosophy centered on proportions to complete the paradoxical contrast of dynamic elegance. This embodies a beautiful proportion of design that sets it apart from any other luxury brand, and gives it a persperation that maintains its aesthetics over time.

Backed by this philosophy, the GV80 completes a design with a ratio that sets it apart from its competitors’ luxury SUVs. Even after the partial changes, the proportions that complete the dynamic elegance of the GV80, the parabolic line, and the design elements of the C-pillar, which are as straight and strongly stretched like a hockey stick, have been followed. The bottom chrome line, which runs from the front bumper to the rear, completes the powerful character and voluminous profile of the GV80 sub-change model.

The GV80 Coupe boasts a silhouette that fully emphasizes the opposite charm of dynamic elegance. The smooth loopline after the B-pillar boasts the sleek curves of the sports coupe, with the trunk lead end raised to maintain a tense tension. The GV80 Coupe has an invisibly unobtrusive plush type roof rack for a clean roofline. At the end of the elegantly flowing sidewindow molding, driven by the roofline, two rows of ganisi with a Genesis design identity are in place. The GV80 partial change model uses glossy chrome material, while the Coupe model uses dark chrome anis, while the GV80 partial change model uses a glossy chrome chrome material.

The GV80 is characterized by ▲ an exterior that adds luxury details to the elegance and style of the existing car ▲ a built-in that adds a high-tech sensibility to the ‘the beauty of the margin’ ▲ safety and convenience that provides a comfortable driving experience.

On this day, Genesys also unveiled the brand’s first coupe-type SUV, the GV80 Coupe.

The GV80 Coupe is a luxury SUV that maximizes dynamism based on the design philosophy of the Genesis brand of ‘Athletic Elegance’ and has attracted a lot of attention from customers around the world since the concept model was unveiled at the Genesis House in New York in April this year.

The GV80 Coupe inherits the elegance and strength of the basic car, while maximizing dynamic and sporty sensibility with ▲ dynamic and bold silhouette appearance ▲ built-in high-tech and sporty sensibility ▲ additional operation of 415 horsepower gasoline 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger (e-S/C) engine ▲ coupe’s differentiated design and performance application.

At the event, Genesys Chief Brand Officer Graham Russell said, “Today, with the new addition of GV80 and GV80 coupes to the Genesis lineup, is a day to set an important milestone in the growth of the Genesis brand. These days, when luxury boundaries are constantly being redefined, the GV80 and GV80 coupes will be able to respond to the needs of dynamic and evolving customers.”

■ Complete an elegant urban SUV with luxurious details to the elegance and style of the existing car

The exterior of the GV80 is characterized by the elegance and style of the high-quality GV80 design, which is high-quality, while adding luxurious details.

Front 1) The crest grille is equipped with a double mesh radiator grille and a more smoothly trimmed corner line than before to create a sophisticated image. Genesis’ iconic two-line headlamps are 2) reborn lamps with Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology, showing the perfect harmony of advanced technology and design.

In addition, the front bumper with a wide-shaped skid plate embodies a solid, tough sports SUV image, 3) and the new emblem with a Guilloché pattern accents luxury.

The new chromeline on the GV80 runs from the front bumper to the side through the rear bumper to complete the powerful character.

The 20-inch new wheel, which also crosses two spokes with different finishes to express a multi-spoke feel, and the 22-inch new wheel, which reinterprets the two-line pattern of Genesis, delivers a stable yet sophisticated feel.

The back side uses a hidden type muffler to expose the muffler at the bottom, instead of applying the V-shaped shape inspired by the design of Genesis’s crest grille in chrome to create a future-looking image.

The bottom of the rear bumper is finished in a slim body color, giving it a bold image with a wide, stable image.

Genesis’ exterior colors will be available in a total of 12 colors, including the new color, Stor Green (glossy/matt).

■ An indoor space that provides a luxury experience by adding a high-tech sensibility to the ‘white beauty’

The interior of the GV80 was born as a space that provides a high-level luxury experience by adding a high-tech sensibility to the Korean ‘the beauty of the margin’.

Genesys designed the interior of the GV80 with the goal of providing the customer’s daily life with the best possible value.

The GV80 features a horizontal layout that emphasizes a comfortable yet clean feel, with a 27-inch integrated wide display with a cluster and AVN screen connected together to create an image of a sleek, advanced space.

Center Pecia adds a luxurious sensibility by applying a seamless design while applying a touch-type air conditioning device to improve the sense of operation and increase convenience.

With a crystal design, the electronic shift dial (SBW) and integrated controller provide a comfortable grip while maximizing the visual luxury.

In addition, the interior space has been enhanced by improving the quality of materials such as ▲horn cover with new Genesis emblem ▲two-tone steering wheel ▲crash pad and center console with various high-quality materials such as leather, aluminum, and real wood ▲new pedal design.

In addition, it enhances usability by reflecting consumer needs in detail, such as ▲improvement of smartphone wireless charging tray visibility ▲console cup holder size ▲nove-type volume/tune adjustment button.

GV80 is operated in a total of 5 built-in colors, including ▲Earth Brown ▲Bordeaux Brown ▲Glasher White, and 3 new types.

■ GV80 Coupe expresses the overwhelming presence of a coupe-type SUV with a dynamic and bold silhouette

The GV80 Coupe, presented together on this day, is a high-performance Coupe-type SUV with a sensibility that combines practicality and sportiness with a variety of lifestyles in mind.

The GV80 Coupe is a model that fully implies Genesis’s willingness to develop a high-performance and emotional vehicle through the perfect blend of opposite elements, featuring the addition of Coupe DNA to the design and performance of the base car.

The exterior of the GV80 coupe features a dynamic and bold silhouette in a perfect balance and a slyingy design.

The front headlamps are equipped with Micro Lens Array (MLA) type LED lamps, just like the GV80. The crest grille highlighted the high-performance image by applying a radiator grille with a ‘Double Layered G-Matrix’ pattern.

The expanded air intake, active air flaps and four air vents also create an optimal airflow for engine room cooling while also completing an aggressive front bumper design, highlighting the bold appeal of the coupe SUV.

The side features an impressive sleek profile that looks like it’s going to sprint in no time. The perfect blend of the ‘Parabolic Line’, an arched line across the bodywork, and the low, gently falling roof line, complete the tough, dynamic style of exterior design.

In addition, ▲a roof rack designed along a slippery roofline ▲a snive window line ▲spoke-emphated coupe-only 20, 22-inch new wheels are the elements that complete the sporty side style.

The rear part of the rear is a differentiated design with a wide all-in-one auxiliary brake light on the ▲LED cotton light emitting rear combi lamp ▲tail gate, while the center-down style rear spoiler adds sportiness.

The combination of silver and black two-tone sporty rear bumpers and crest-shaped dual twin mufflers creates an image of a high-performance coupe-type SUV. (※Dual twin muffler is limited to gasoline 3.5-turbo 48V electric supercharger model, 2.5-turbo and 3.5-turbo models apply twin muffler)

Meanwhile, the GV80 Coupe operates in a total of 13 exterior colors, including Bering Blue, a color exclusive to the Coupe.

■ GV80 Coupe, exclusive package operation with sporty sensibility … Securing competitive space

The interior of the GV80 Coupe has a dedicated design that allows you to feel the sporty sensibility of the Coupe.

The two-tone D-cut steering wheel embodies a sporty and sleek interior image, while the seats with a carbon bonish with a uniquirk pattern ▲coupe-only pattern and stitching provide a dynamic driving sensibility.

The metal also applied to the brakes and accelerator pedals maximizes the high-performance sensibility. (※Carsoline 3.5-turbo 48V Electric Supercharger model 限)

The GV80 Coupe can be selected from a total of 6 types of coupe built-in packages to create a unique space.

Meanwhile, the GV80 coupe has secured a competitive indoor living space by optimizing the layout of the engine room and chassis, etc., applying the rear reclining function, and securing sufficient space and storage capacity despite the coupe style, such as optimizing the trunk package and securing ample loading space by applying the foldable luggage shelf.

■ 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger engine, high-performance sensibility specialized specifications applied

Genesys operates the GV80 with two engine lineups: ▲maximum output 304 horsepower (ps), maximum tok 43.0 (kgfᆞm) gasoline 2.5 turbo ▲maximum output 380 hp (ps), and max tok 54.0 (kgfᆞm) gasoline 3.5 turbo.

The GV80 Coupe operates in three lineups with a new gasoline 3.5-turbo 48V Electric Supercharger (e-S/C) engine to deliver dynamic driving performance that matches the design in addition to the base car lineup.

The new gasoline 3.5-turbo 48V electric supercharger engine in the GV80 coupe provides one more compressed air compressed by the motor in the low engine rotation (rpm) zone, accelerating the point of maximum torque compared to the 3.5 turbo engine, increasing acceleration responsiveness at low and medium speeds.

The gasoline 3.5-turbo 48V electric supercharged engine boasts a maximum output of 415 hp (ps) and a maximum tok of 56.0 (kgfᆞm) with an improved 35 horsepower compared to the existing 3.5 turbo engine models, providing more leisurely power.

GV80 and GV80 Coupe are ▲ preview electronic control suspension that provides the optimal riding feeling for passengers with the front road surface information in advance and suitable suspension control ▲ 2nd generation engine mounting control unit (EMCU;Engine Mounting Control Unit) that reduces driving vibration and improves ride through engine mount control according to each road surface ▲ wind stability control that improves high-speed driving stability using steering and braking control in the event of strong wind during high-speed driving ▲Auto Terrain mode, which automatically selects the appropriate driving mode by judging the road surface by human intelligence, providing convenient driving stability and comfortable ride.

In addition, we did not miss the best-in-class quietness by blocking the noise path by applying ▲ applying sound-absorbing tires ▲reinforcement of sound-absorbing materials ▲improving the tailgate sound performance.

Meanwhile, the GV80 coupe is a specification that allows you to experience driving sensibility and performance, and applies an active sound design (ASD) that reenacts the exhaust sound of a high-vex sports coupe ▲flex brake that can adjust the responsiveness of the brake pedal according to the driver’s wishes.

In addition, the GV80 Coupe 3.5 Turbo 48V Electric Supercharger model has special specifications such as ▲ ‘Sports + (Sports Plus) mode’, which is specialized for limit driving ▲Runch control for customers who want to test the performance of the vehicle to the limit ▲High-performance gauge that displays oil temperature, torque, and turbo pressure, enabling an agile and dynamic driving experience.

■ Providing a comfortable driving experience with new specifications for customer convenience and safety

The GV80 and GV80 Coupe are equipped with various convenience and safety specifications in addition to the high commerciality of the existing GV80, and have a product that is suitable for Genesis‘ luxury SUVs.

Genesys is an advanced function that provides advanced customer experience ▲ independent control full-top air conditioner that can independently control the temperature, mode, and air volume of each heat ▲ digital key 2 ▲ indoor fingerprint authentication system ▲ console armrest storage box UV sterilization function ▲ heat wire armrest ▲ indoor scent system ▲ 2 rows touch type out side handle sensor to strengthen product competitiveness.

In addition, there will be an additional infotainment system suitable for luxury cars, such as ▲14.6-inch smart entertainment system that allows you to enjoy OTT services in the rear seat ▲Bang & Olufsen premium audio, which provides fine and rich sound.

The GV80 and GV80 Coupe have enhanced safety by standard application of 10 airbags, including powerful braking-performance mono-block calipers and front-seat center airbags.

In addition, as a driving convenience specification, ▲Digital Center Mirror (DCM) that displays the rear clock of the vehicle on the display ▲ Built-in Cam 2 with improved quality and recording time ▲Direct Grip Sensation System (HOD) that makes it easy to turn off ADAS warnings only with steering wheel touch are newly applied ▲Car Maintenance Assistance 2 (LFA 2) ▲Flane Collision Prevention Assistance 2 (FCA 2) ▲Rear Collision Prevention Assistance (BCA) ▲Rear Cross-Crash Prevention Assistance (RCCA) ▲Remote Smart Parking Assistance 2 (RSPA 2) ▲Highway/Screasing Assistance 2 (HDA 2) ▲Proft/S/S/R) to judge the driving environment by itself and actively respond actively to prevent accidents and increase driving convenience, so that customers can drive safely and comfortably every moment.

Meanwhile, Genesis will hold a special exhibition at Genesis Suji from October 14th (Sat) to 22nd (Sun), and will display the GV80 and GV80 Coupe at the Busan International Film Festival from October 4th (Wed) to 13th (Fri).

Through the launch of the GV80 and GV80 coupes, Genesys plans to complete the Genesys lineup that meets various lifestyles and provide an opportunity to develop further as an original Korean luxury brand.

Genesis is scheduled to go on sale on GV80 and GV80 coupes from Wednesday, October 11.

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